Ancient weapon piece (b)

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Ancient weapon piece (b) detail.png

The ancient weapon piece (b) is a piece of the maul of omens. It must be combined with the ancient weapon piece (a) and ancient weapon handle to create the maul, which is required to defeat Vorago. Players obtain this piece during the second phase in the fight against Vorago, after four gravity fields knock him off balance. Players must deal enough damage to knock the piece loose or it will stay put until players are able to pass the damage requirement.

Unlike most items, if the piece is dropped, it will be visible to all players immediately. During the final phase, if any piece of the maul is in the inventory, the player holding the piece will receive the message The weapon component comes alive and bleeds you whilst it isn't reformed!, and they will be dealt 100 damage every tick. This damage does not stack with multiple pieces of the maul; i.e. it will always be 100 damage. The effect can be cleared by dropping the piece or creating the maul.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Attempting to feed the piece to a baby troll prompts the message, "Your baby troll refuses to be THAT much of a troll."