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An ancient weapon gizmo is an ancient weapon gizmo shell that has been filled with materials, making perks. It is an upgraded version of a weapon gizmo that is discovered from Archaeology.

In comparison to regular gizmos, ancient gizmos:

  • Have 9 material slots instead of 5
  • Allow the use of ancient materials
  • Allow most 'positive' perks to reach a higher rank (that is not possible in normal gizmos). For example, Honed 6 can only be obtained in an ancient tool gizmo
  • Generally increase the chances of producing higher rank perks. Specifically, they have a higher 'invent_budget'.[1]
  • Reduce the effectiveness of non-ancient materials, per material used, for producing perks. Specifically, they reduce the values of the 'base' and 'roll' for all non-ancient materials by multiplying by 0.8.[1] This generally means that using five or fewer non-ancient materials in the ancient gizmo is less effective than the same number of materials in the regular tool gizmo, but the additional slots in the ancient gizmo still allow the creation of higher rank perks when using non-ancient materials in the ancient gizmo.
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