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The Ancient Hymnal

The Ancient hymnal is a reward from The Temple at Senntisten. It is given to players by Azzanadra. Once a player reads the book, they are given access to the Ancient Curses by praying at the Altar of Zaros. The book describes all the new prayers (i.e., the curses) and their functions. The non-English form of the curses are in the Infernal tongue, which is exactly the same as Latin. If the player has lost it or destroyed it, they can get another one by talking to Azzanadra under the Varrock Dig Site.

After the quest, this book can be found in the bookcase of a player-owned house.

After completion of the Elite Falador achievements, the hymnal may be used to change the altar on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] of the White Knights' Castle into a Zarosian altar. Changing the altar requires a player to simply use the Ancient hymnal on the backside of the altar. Once the ritual is complete the altar offers the ability to switch to Curses. The room has to be cleared of White Knights before starting the ritual or else the player will get the message "It'd be better not to do that whilst there are White Knights around!"

Book info[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Gathered here are the chants and curses of the Mahjarrat ancestors. Within these pages they lie translated to the human tongue, in the knowledge that soon Zaros will rule over all races, no matter how weak they be.

It is right, then, that all should use the words herein to give praise to Zaros in worship and in battle.

To this end Zaros has attuned his temple at Senntisten, so that by praying at his altar in that wonderous place these curses will fill the minds of his followers, and his power be bestowed unto them.

Oh, what wonderous god and sacred place is this? This altar that nourishes the spirit far beyond the altars of the many false gods!

And finally, a warning, for the weak-willed halfwit humans are known for their treachery. Zaros grants you the freedom to use the altars of others to replenish yourself, but should you turn your back on these glorious curses that Zaros has gifted you, you must return to Senntisten, and prostrate yourself before Zaros' majesty before he will allow you to use these curses once more.

Sap Warrior

Adimo potestas tua quae tibi donat fortunam pugnae.
(I take away your might that makes you lucky in fighting.)

Sap Ranger

Adimo potestas tua quae tibi donat vis eminus.
(I take away your might that gives you ranged power.)

Sap Range Strength

Adimo potestatem tuam quam tibi praebet spatium vim.
(I take away your might that makes you strong with ranged power.)

Sap Mage

Adimo potestas tua quae tibi donat artem magicam.
(I take away your might that gives you magic art.)

Sap Magic Strength

Adimo potestatem tuam quam tibi praebet vim cum artificia magica.
(I take away your might that makes you strong with magic arts.)

Sap Spirit

Adimo potestas tua quae tibi donat animam.
(I take away your might that gives you souls of the dead.)

Sap Defence

Adimo potestatem tuam quam te teget ab vulneribus.
(I take away your might that makes you deflect blows.)

Sap Strength

Adimo potestatem tuam quam tibi praebet vim.
(I take away your might that makes you strong.)


Dona mihi potestam, animum et fortitudinem bestiae firmissimae.
(Give me the power, the courage, and durability of the mightiest beast.)

Deflect Summoning

Arceto impetum bestarium recreatorum.
(I deflect attacks from beasts that were brought back to life.)

Deflect Magic

Arceto impetum magorum.
(I deflect attacks from mages.)

Deflect Missiles

Arceto impetum telorum.
(I deflect attacks of missiles.)

Deflect Melee

Arceto impetum gladiatorum.
(I deflect attacks from melee.)

Leech Attack

Reple me impetu hostium.
(Fill me with the attack of my enemy.)

Leech Ranged

Reple me vis enimus hostium.
(Fill me with the ranged skills of my enemy.)

Leech Range Strength

Imple me spatio vi inimicorum.
(Fill me with the ranged strength of my enemy.)

Leech Magic

Reple me artem magicam hostium.
(Fill me with the magic skills of my enemies.)

Leech Magic Strength

Imple me artificis magicis inimicorum.
(Fill me with the magic strength of my enemy.)

Leech Defence

Reple me vallo hostium.
(Fill me with the defence of my enemy.)

Leech Strength

Reple me fortitudo hostium.
(Fill me with the strength of my enemy.)

Leech Run Energy

Reple me nervis hostium.
(Fill me with the vigour of my enemies.)

Leech Adrenaline

Reple me impetu speciali hostium.
(Fill me with the power of my enemy.)


Nex meus emanabit sicut pestilentia.
(My death will spread like a plague.)

Soul Split

Advoco insaniam haereticorum in pectus meus et animam meam.
(I call to my heart and soul the madness of heretics.)


Vim inimici mihi bono inclina.
(Turn the power of my enemy to my benefit.)


Imple inimica mea angore.
(Fill my enemy with anguish.)

Merge inimica mea dolore.
(Overwhelm my enemy with torment.)

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 30 March 2015 (Update):
    • Added entries in the Ancient Hymnal for curses that have been added to the game since the release of The Temple at Senntisten.

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