Ancient Warriors

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This article is about the people. For the equipment that they wore, see Ancient Warriors' Equipment.
For the monsters in the Ancient prison, see Ancient warrior.

The Ancient Warriors were four powerful combatants who lived during the Third Age and who have fought in the God Wars. Zuriel, the mage among the warriors, used the Ancient Magicks, and some assume that he was Zarosian; however, some Zamorakians also have access to these magics so his religion can't be deduced. The four Ancient Warriors were:

Name Combat Type Weapon
Statius Warrior Warhammer
Vesta Warrior Longsword and spear
Morrigan Ranger Javelins and throwing axes
Zuriel Mage Staff, which was required to cast the Miasmic spells.

The Ancient Warriors used equipment that is now known as Ancient Warriors' equipment, which was released on 15 October 2008, along with PvP Worlds. Their equipment can be obtained as very rare drops from both Revenants and the Chaos Elemental, or obtained by trading with players who have it individually or through the Grand Exchange.