Anarchy in the KGP.

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Anarchy in the KGP. is the fourty-first issue of Postbag from the Hedge published on the RuneScape website. On 12 August 2016, all mentions of Postbag from the Hedge were completely removed from the site. Any previous links to them redirects to the Customer Support section.

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The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Anarchy in the KGP..
This official Postbag from the Hedge is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 5 August 2009.

I have a nose (or, more specifically, a nose cavity) for when hints of the future are being revealed. This Postbag has more than ever, not only because the Chaos Elemental is back, but because everyone seems to have followed his cue - PP

To: Evil Dave

Your evil activities have been noted and I, the Leader of the Silverblade Knights, will take action. I will give you a chance to redeem yourself, though. If you halt your evil progress, you will be granted immunity and will be defended by the Silverblade Knights. If you continue, however, you will be treated as a creature of darkness and will be dispatched as I see fit. Take your time but your choice will be final.

A warning from:
The Leader of the Silverblade Knights

Hey leader guy,

I can't say I'm surprised: after all, I am the SULTAN OF ALL THAT IS EVIL. It's only natural that a bunch of do-gooders would want to take me out, for the glory of having eliminated RuneScape's ULTIMATE VILLAIN (by which I mean ME, obviously).

Well, good luck, Silverblade Knights, or should I say Silver-LAME Knights! Ha ha, I do a FLAMBOYANTLY EVIL LOL in your face!

Do you have any idea of the incredible power I wield, or the UNIMAGINABLE HORRORS I have at my disposal? I have an uncle who said he'd ROUGH UP anyone who messed with me, and a friend of a friend who KILLED AN ACTUAL MAN. One click of my MEGALOMANIAC FINGERS, Silverblades - one click.

So, why not come and find me if you're tough enough, and we'll see how you fare against my MIND-IMPLODING MALEVOLENCE. Naturally, if I'm not at home it's because I'm off on an EVIL ERRAND, and not because I'm hiding from you or anything.



PS - Talking of unimaginable horrors, if you see a SPANIEL OF UNIMAGINABLE HORROR in the Wilderness, please make sure to do the following:

  1. DO NOT LOOK INTO HER EYES. They can turn a person inside out, and then back again.
  2. DO NOT SAY HER NAME. Your tongue will fall out.
  3. And, I know we got off on the wrong foot, but if you see her, put her in a CRATE OF STORAGE and bring her back to me. I haven't seen Jasmine since we went revenant-herding three years ago.
Dear Jhallan

I apologize for disturbing you from your rest, but I was hoping you could answer some of my questions. What do your fellow Mahjarrat refer to as the North? And what is the Ritual you speak of? Do you know of the one they call Sliske? I would be grateful if you could answer the questions so that I may learn more about your tribe.


(I tried talking to Jhallan, but he wouldn't reply - I suppose it's hard to move when you're encased in ice. I'd almost given up on ever getting an answer to this letter when a strange man I met at the Dig Site expressed some interest. I'll leave it to him to answer. - PP)

Dear Deathflare56,

As a learned archaeologist, with something of an interest in the Mahjarrat, I believe I may be qualified to reply.

To the best of my knowledge, the Ritual in the north is a regular occurrence for the Mahjarrat, during which they revitalise themselves to last the five hundred years until the next. From all that I have learnt of this, it seems that very little actual violence occurs in the early stages, and that it is more akin to a sort of political debate, complete with back-room deals and shady alliances.

The final stages, it seems, features a great deal of violence, as the one they choose to dispatch will doubtless use every remaining ounce of their strength to avoid their fate, forcing many others to exhaust themselves to be sure that they do not end up the victim. One description I read (written by a Fremennik who knew not what he was actually witnessing), referred to the skies "dripping with venom and fire" and the ground "twisting into grotesque forms with mouths that chewed at the roots of trees that bled".

A truly terrifying prospect, I'm sure you'll agree!

Your friend,
Dr Nabanik

Dear Soul Obelisk,

If you can, I would like you to tell me what it is that you do with the souls you devour. Also, please stop trying to claim my soul: being a ghost gets rather annoying.

See you soon,

P.S. If I used an uncharged orb on you, would you charge it with soul energy like a fire obelisk charges a fire orb?


I ain't got long, as Nomad's got me combing the avatars, but I've hidden 'neath a barricade to jot down some information. Sorry it ain't much.

First off, those spirits don't go to some fancy plane, up into the sky or into Guthix's back pocket, I can tell ya. Nomad knows where they go, I can see it on his mug. Sometimes he slips away and, when he comes back, his fingernails glow and he's got sparkles in his eyebrows, like he's been near summat magic. Zimberfizz don't miss a trick.

As fer your soul, matey-o, I'd keep a grip on it. Nomad gets the dead-eye whenever I mention the souls, as if he's got some evil scheme in his noggin. I may be his lackey, but that don't mean I have to like 'im.


PS - The obelisk is a one-way thing, matey. A bit like my working relationship with Nomad. He don't even make me brimstone tea.

Dear Thurgo,

Being a master smith as you are, you surely have a great metallurgical knowledge. I'm sure you could answer my question, but first, have this delicious redberry pie I baked for you.

Now then, my question is about the magnetic and diamagnetic properties of the metals "black", "mithril", "adamantite", "rune", and "dragon". So far in my experience, iron and steel exhibit magnetic properties (as shown by Ava's Attractor and Accumulator). However, I was wondering if perhaps these other metals might too show the same magnetism, or even oppose it strongly. In my travels, I have found it useful to know the properties of many items before embarking on a quest, so perhaps I could gain something from your knowledge.

Best regards,Lechouchou

Dear Lechouchou,

Ah, metal: a subject very close to my heart, and one which I could talk about for hours. I like metal almost as much as pie.

Some points you may find interesting:

  1. Adamantite is the name of the ore - like mithrite, blurite and runite - whereas the name of the metal is adamant. For simplicity's sake, let us also assume that dragon metal is made using dragonite ore (although it may be an alloy or composite of other known or unknown metal(s)).
  2. White and black metals are actually just coloured forms of steel, created by differing forging techniques, but resulting in metals of equivalent strength.
  3. Iron and 'normal' steel (i.e. not black or white metal) have magnetic properties, while all other metals in common use have diamagnetic properties - enough to 'throw off' Ava's device (e.g. if you're wearing metal armour). There must be something in the process of black and white steel colouration that removes, or drastically reduces, steel's magnetic properties.
  4. Ava tells me that, while her device contains a magnet, it does not attract objects through magnetism alone. The device's magical components create another kind of field, attracting materials that 'think' they are magnetic. To be honest, I'm not sure what Ava means by that, and the idea of thinking metal gives me the willies.

It all seems a little off, if you ask me. I prefer patterns and order, but RuneScape is a magic-filled realm, after all, and not everything can be so readily explained.


PS - Thanks to Postie Pete's recent price restructuring, the postage on your letter was not enough to cover the pie. Apparently, unless the letter fits in his mouth it's classed as a "large packet", and the only way the pie would fit through his mouth was by him eating it. At least, that's what he told me...

Dear Pong,

A couple of letters ago, you said something that struck me (and I quote): "I've been experimenting with freeform jazz for a little while, and I think I've nearly got it mastered. Next year, I'm going to write an epic jazz saga detailing the history of the penguin through the eyes of the North Wind." Well my friend, you are in luck! It just so happens that I play the saxophone! Maybe I could teach you how to play? Or better yet, We could team up! I can see it now... We're in Hollywood playing in front of a million people! Telling the detailed history of penguins through the eyes of North Wind. Beautiful and emotional (just like jazz should be!). So what do you say Pong my feathered friend?

Your soon-to-be Jazz Partner,



I'm sorry dude, it's year one-hundred and sixty-nine: jazz is so one-hundred and sixty-late. Any penguin worth his cowbell will know that jazz went out with the chicken suit, and penguin punk is in, in, in. Course, dudes like us prefer to shorten things, so we call it 'Penk'.

Unfortunately, our new singer - Sid Fishus - says sax is the enemy of Penk: you only need a few notes and those few are played pretty badly. Then you need to scream over the top about 'The Man' and how he's, like, totally bogus and uncool. It's genre-bending, dude, and it blows our beaks clean off.

We'll get bored of it in a few weeks, dude, but for now we've shaved our eyebrows off and stuck safety pins in our flipper-webbing.

Bang a gong, get it on, Ping and Pong

Dear Reldo,

I have sometimes wondered of the elves in the west; I have never seen them before but would like to know more about them.

My first question is: Are there any signs that elves came from the west to the human lands in the past?

And my last question is: were elves at war in the Third Age, and and did they fight in battles as followers of their own god, Seren?

Twin Otter

Dear Twin Otter,

As I'm sure you well know, finding reliable information about the elves of the west is problematic at the best of times. In order to further my own understanding on this fascinating topic, therefore, I directed all seven of my assistants to scour the archives of the Palace Library. One of my assistants returned yesterday, in his hands a number of books and scrolls that were mostly burnt, a little soggy, and noticeably chewed at the edges. Suffice it to say, the few words I could glean from these texts had a small amount to say on the matter.

Firstly, there were many references to elven settlements in what is now Kandarin, and several more mentions of the beauty of the structures they built. At the outset of the God Wars, however, it seems the elves withdrew, presumably to escape the violence. Intriguingly, one of the gnomish emissaries from this time recorded in his memoirs that the elves promised to one day return, when they could "reclaim their properties; that which it is not right for the short-lived humans to control" - my translation from gnomish is doubtless flawed, but I believe that is a faithful summary of the emissary's words. He further recalls that a number of the elvish soldiers elected to remain, either to guard that property, or to offer their services to those whose actions were not at odds with Seren's commands.

So, in answer to your last question, it seems the elves were not involved in the strife of the Third Age, but that some few may have remained and served as mercenaries.

Yours eloquently,

Dear Vargas,

You know as well as I do that the Fremennik Isles are filled with evil and danger. Yet, our beloved kingdom remains undefended. The slithering sea snakes lay below, the dagganoths are a swimming-distance away and the warring nations surround us. I can't help wondering why there is no Fremennik Isles army. Please inform me when the recruits arrive, so I may train them with the sword. Astrid can teach archery and Brand may play music to the men as punishment for any laziness.

Your soon-to-be son-in-law,

Dear empire280

I must admit that your letter had me confused for a moment: Miscellania and the Fremennik Isles are two different places, so I assume you meant the Fremennik province, of which Miscellania is a part.

To your query. You're right to say that the Fremennik province has evil and danger aplenty, but, by Guthix, that's why we can't get enough of it! You'll understand me soon enough, son: the sound of a sea snake's neck snapping, the smell of daggermouth breath, the sight of Fremennik warriors battling back-to-back - it all puts hair on your chest.

And what is fear when Vargas sits on Miscellania's throne? As soon as I was old enough to swing a battleaxe, my parents kept the doors wide open and forced me to sleep on a bunk of rotting monkfish to entice the sea hordes. This is the mind of a Fremennik warrior, my son! Fighting instinct on a bedrock of strength.

So, while the lands and seas of the Fremennik fall behind my shield, no daggermouth, suqah or sea snake will even lob a curse over it. We're all grateful for your offer to train us an army, of course, but the pests of Waterbirth should be fearing Vargas (and the Fremennik), not the other way round.

Your future father-in-law,
King Vargas

Chaos Elemental Suitcase

The Chaos Elemental was just about to tell me his name - his real, given name - when he sniffed the air, said "do you smell gas?", and then teleported away. Out of spite, I got an imp to take down an accurate representation of what was in his suitcase. Hopefully, there is something there he didn't want you all to know! - PP

my name is in this Postbag

Peter, I know you are looking in my suitcase. BTW - the gas is on at your house.

I must say that the suitcase smelt decidedly of dagannoth. Not pleasant.

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Postie Pete