Anachronia - Quick guide

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Queen help book.png
This is the quick guide for Anachronia.

This guide will show you how to unlock Anachronia, build the base camp, and unlock the Anachronia lodestone.

Unlocking this location has no level or quest requirements.

Anachronia Guide Stormbreaker.png
  • Click on the ship and head on the journey to Anachronia
Anachronia Guide Map.png
  • Complete the intro animations until you land up at the landing zone (shown on the map).
  • Follow the directions on the map and click the Bones blocking your path
  • After clicking the second Bones object, you will be teleported to the base camp.
Anachronia Guide Giles 1.png
  • Click on Giles near the lodestone to begin the tutorial
Anachronia Guide Base camp.png
  • Assign 3 workers to wood, vines and stone (see the image)
  • Continue talking to Giles to allow your workers to gather the materials
  • When the interface appears again, click Build to create the Town Hall of the base camp
Anachronia Guide Lodestone 2.png
  • Click the lodestone to open the construction interface
Anachronia Guide Lodestone 1.png
  • Unassign workers from all their previous jobs (press the Anachronia Reset button.png button)
  • Assign 10 workers to clay (see the image)
Anachronia Guide Giles 2.png
  • Wait for some time (if you are doing some other activity, return to Anachronia using the Stormbreaker ship
  • Return to Giles at the top of the pyramid (he will always be located here henceforth)
Anachronia Guide Lodestone 3.png
  • Once your workers have collected adequete materials, build the lodestone.
  • Congrats! You can now use the Lodestone Network to teleport directly to Anachronia.

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