Ambush at Goblin Village

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Following the Dorgeshuun coming to the surface and making contact with Lumbridge and the surface golbins, the Dogreshuun began to excavate a tunnel with dwarven miners to connect Dogreshuun to Keldagrim.

During their dig, they found numerous artefacts from their own history, including an Ancient mace. As the Dogreshuun could not translate it, Zanik and an adventurer travelled to the Goblin Village to have it identified.

The goblin generals - General Bentnoze and General Wartface - identified it as a holy weapon of Bandos. Then Grubfoot appeared and mentioned that he had a vision of Zanik as the goblins' Chosen Commander.

The Ambush[edit | edit source]

The Goblin Generals and Grubfoot got Zanik to speak in front of the goblins of the village. Part way through her speech, from the top of the tower, a spell hit one goblin, turning it to ash, and a bolt from a sniper killed another goblin.

Zanik pointed out the snipers and the adventurer rushed to the tower where the shots came from. The sniping members of H.A.M. had used crates to limit anyone from getting to them, forcing the adventurer to use long range attacks to pick them off.

After the adventurer had finished off the two, Sigmund arrived and captured Zanik. Sigmund escaped using a bright light to blind everyone.

The adventurer then went on a rescue mission to the H.A.M. base with the aid of two goblin sergeants, Sergeant Mossfists and Sergeant Slimetoes, to get Zanik.