Ambush at Ancient Goebie Temple

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In the past, Tuska have visited Mazcab and depleted a large amount of the world's Anima. As she left, a number of Airut stayed behind, and they caused even further damage to the world by destroying Cotoch, enslaving the Goebies, and warping the guardians of the world such as Yakamaru.

In the Sixth Age, after Tuska was defeated attempting to reach Gielinor, a portal on her back allowed adventurers to travel from Gielinor to Mazcab.

Acca Kanatah recruits the World Guardian (of Gielinor) to help train a trio of young Goebies: Tunks, Peck, and Lunch.

After training them, Acca Kanatah requested they travel to the Nemi Forest to harvest plants to make Nemi poison as a means of potentially dealing with the Airut.

In the Nemi Forest, the group encountered an Ancient goebie who offered to hand them the roots needed to make the poison, but after they help his friend Xinachto, a guardian of Mazcab, in the Ancient Temple.

In the Temple, the Goebies performed an ancient trial that allowed them to harness powerful ancient magics. After they finished helping Xinachto, the Ancient Goebie informed the group the Airut had followed them to the Temple.

The battle[edit | edit source]

The empowered Goebies formed the defence line at the Ancient Goebie's camp, while they requested the World Guardian to coordinate their fire.

The Airut attacked in three waves:

  • The first wave of Chargers was quickly repelled.
  • The second wave consisting of Chargers and Airut were then quickly repelled.
  • A final wave consisting of Chargers, Airut, and the large Tuz was then repelled.

With no more Airut in the vicinity, and the roots to make Nemi Poison, the party left and returned to Kanatah.