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Ambassador Jabari is a Menaphite advisor who was sent by The Pharaoh to act as an ambassador towards Emir Shah of Al Kharid, with the aim of having a Menaphite rule the town, with the emir ill and his son Prince Ali kidnapped by Lady Keli. He is cunning and often gets into an argument with Osman, while still trying to remain diplomatic. His offer does not make him popular with the people and Osman and even the emir are keen to speak bad of him, with only Grand Vizier Hassan seemingly oblivious to the ambassador's malevolent intentions. His offer is declined by the already dying emir, after which he is escorted out of the room by Hassan.

At the end of Diamond in the Rough, it is revealed that Jabari is a loyal servant of Amascut the Devourer and that he caused the emir's death, which occurred shortly after he'd left, by putting poison in the emir's incense burners. He is sent to the pharaoh to deal with the rest of the business while Jabari's mistress disguises herself as the wanderer in her tent.

After failing the coup in Al Kharid, Jabari returned to Menaphos to continue his work as advisor for the Pharaoh. He persuades the pharaoh to open the gates of Menaphos and to invite an ambassador from Al Kharid and the player to the city. He welcomes the player and Grand Vizier Hassan as they arrive at the gates of the golden city. After the Jack of Spades shows up, Jabari encourages the player to go after him, before returning to the Pharaoh's palace.

Some time later Jabari informs the Pharaoh that Crondis has been released from her curse. This angers the Pharaoh, who swears to deal with Crondis in due time.

The player's continuous involvement in the affairs of the city starts to worry Jabari. When he hears that the player is looking for proof of Queen Senliten's family's right to the throne of Menaphos, Jabari urges the Pharaoh to do something, but the Pharaoh just brushes him off, not feeling threatened by the player. As the Pharaoh refuses to do anything to stop Senliten's heirs claim to the throne, Jabari leaves to seek out the player and steal the evidence. Jabari singlehandedly breaks through the guards of Al Kharid's palace and threatens the player to hand over the evidence, when the player refuses, Jabari instead tries to lure them away from the palace and to chase him and his magic clones all over the city of Al Kharid. Eventually the player chase him down to the Duel Arena and challenges the player to a duel. Despite his magic and illusions Jabari loses.

After his defeat Het appears and proclaims that he has overcome the corruption placed on him. When Jabari sees Het by the player's side he flees, but threatens to send Amascut on both of them.

After his loss Jabari did not return to the Pharaoh, but to his goddess Amascut. Jabari tells her that he believes that the Pharaoh's reign is coming to an end, and that Osman is likely to take his place. Amascut states that she doesn't really care about mortal affairs anymore, as she is far more occupied with a ritual involving the Kharid-ib. Amascut insists that Jabari remains with her to bear witness to her ritual, but then the sentience of the Kharid-ib starts to speak through Jabari and the two thralls present alongside Amascut. The jewel's words infuriates Amascut who lets out a powerful magical blast that damages the Soul Altar and seemingly kills Jabari.

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