Strategies for Altar (Soul)

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This article is a strategy guide for Altar (Soul).
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Soul runes provide some of the highest rates of Runecrafting experience in the game when made, at the expense of profit. With the most efficient setup, players can earn 350K+ XP/hour. Although the only real requirements to use the Soul Altar are 90 Runecrafting and completion of the 'Phite Club quest, the following additional items are needed for the best rates:

Item Use Requirement
Abyssal titan familiar Storing 20 pure essence. 93 Summoning-icon.png
Wilderness sword 3 Chance of teleporting to centre of the Abyss, one click teleport to Edgeville (useful for escaping PKers) when placed on action bar. Hard Wilderness tasks
Nexus Mod relic power 100% chance of teleporting to centre of the Abyss. Unlocked with Archaeology by offering the Abyssal Gatestone relic to the Monolith; requiring level 68 Archaeology and level 80 Dungeonnering to create. Requires 3000 chronotes to activate if not already active.
Infinity ethereal outfit Weight reduction, 50% chance of pouches not degrading, bonuses from master runecrafter robes and wicked robes applied while wearing (if owned). The head acts as a wicked hood, and the chest stores up to 12 pure essence. 54,000 rune ethereal fragments
Sliske's Endgame rewards Additional 50% chance of preventing pouch degradation; chance to spawn manifested knowledge while training, providing additional runecrafting experience. Completion of Sliske's Endgame
Pouch Protector relic power Stops all pouches from degrading. Unlocked with Archaeology by offering the Threads of Fate relic to the Monolith; requiring level 36 Archaeology to create. Requires 2000 chronotes to activate if not already active.
Massive pouch Holds an additional 18 pure essence, allowing you to complete a run in 4 trips. In addition, the giant pouch, large pouch, medium pouch, and small pouch will store even more pure essence and greatly boost XP rates. 1000 Runespan points per pouch
Decorated runecrafting urns 20% extra Runecrafting XP (gives 1,400 XP when filled) Buy from the GE, or create with level 77 Crafting.
Demonic skull 40% extra Runecrafting xp when runecrafting through the abyss The Abyss miniquest, purchased for 550,000 from Mage of Zamorak.
Urn enhancer Boosts the extra XP from urns by 25% (from 1,400 to 1,750 XP) Made with Invention after Nomad's Elegy quest

Loadout[edit | edit source]

Aura slot.png
Infinity ethereal head.png
Demonic skull.png
Back slot.png
Necklace of Shadows.png
Ammo slot.png
Wilderness sword 4.png
Infinity ethereal body.png
Combined Catalyst fragment.png
Infinity ethereal legs.png
Infinity ethereal hands.png
Infinity ethereal feet.png
Ring of Whispers.png

The ideal setup for making soul runes utilises the infinity ethereal outfit, the Wilderness sword, the set reward from Sliske's Endgame, and a demonic skull. Portable fairy rings can be stored in the pocket slot in place of the demonic skull if using Fairy rings to return to the Soul Altar. The inventory should contain filled pouches, and the remaining inventory slots as well as the inventory of your beast of burden should be filled with pure essence.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Using the setup above, along with the small through massive pouches and an abyssal titan familiar, players can bring a total of 103 pure essence per trip, allowing them to deposit 100 essence in the charger and convert them to 25 charges. This allows the player to get into the rhythm of using the abyss every fourth run, although this requires some setup.

First, complete a single run of 100 essence, adding the first 25 charges to the altar. From there, the new cycle begins; three runs through wicked hood teleports or fairy rings, and then the fourth through the abyss, crafting the soul runes before depositing the 100 essence.

On the fourth run, where the runes are crafted, use the Wilderness sword to teleport to Edgeville and load a second preset, this time replacing the portable fairy rings with the demonic skull, being sure to leave one open slot for the soul runes. One slot should be left open in this preset, to make room for the soul runes themselves. Optionally, players may choose to replace two of the essence slots in the inventory with urns, or three if using the urns alongside an urn enhancer. A melee off-hand switch can also be used, augmented with the Mobile perk to allow for the use of Surge, Barge and Bladed Dive to be used when entering the Soul Altar via the Abyss to reduce time taken.

Presets[edit | edit source]

Small pouch.pngMedium pouch.pngLarge pouch.pngGiant pouch.png
Massive pouch.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.png
Pure essence.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.png
Pure essence.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.png
Pure essence.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.png
Pure essence.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.png
Pure essence.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.pngPure essence.png

Bank presets can be used to reduce time spent banking and preparing for a trip. With an action bar properly set up, it's possible to completely fill every Runecrafting pouch as well as the infinity body, and the inventory of both you and your familiar in as little as 2 seconds. The familiar inventory should also be included in the preset. As mentioned before, a second preset for the Abyss run should be stored as bank preset 2, with the pocket slot containing a demonic skull, and inventory containing urns as desired. A cape is optional.

Action bar[edit | edit source]

To optimise the presets, bind your action bar from left to right with your pouches as shown below, starting with the small pouch, followed by the medium pouch, then the infinity body. The withdraw beast of burden should be selected as the summoning icon left-click option, which should be placed in slot four on the bar. The withdraw beast of burden option allows you to skip the delay of opening the bank window a third time. The large pouch and giant pouch should be in the fifth and sixth slot on the bar, followed by the Wilderness sword. These should be bound with either 1 2 3 4 5 6 or q w e r a s on your action bar.

  • Small pouch.png
  • Medium pouch.png
  • Infinity ethereal body.png
  • Summoning icon.png
  • Large pouch.png
  • Giant pouch.png
  • Wilderness sword 4.png
  • Anticipation.png

The run[edit | edit source]

When you're ready to begin your runs, first complete a one-off fill up of the first 25 charges. From here, start counting runs; every fourth run, use the wilderness sword to teleport to Edgeville, use the second preset, run through the Abyss, and craft the soul runes before filling up the charger as normal. When banking, click on the banker, then right click the massive pouch and select fill while still in the bank screen. Then, withdraw the appropriate preset, and then fill up your pouches as discussed before, first filling the small and medium pouch, followed by the body. Remove the essence from the beast of burden and fill the large and giant pouches, and then click on the banker again and remove the preset once again, completing the filling of your inventory and pouches.

Bonus experience is applicable on the charge converting step, but ignores the 3.5x multiplier of the Demonic Skull.