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Almos was a kennel worker at the Ruthven estate. He used to own a dog Cerberus, who he sold to the monks at Paterdomus. When a beast started attacking people in Misthalin, he theorised that Cerberus had gone mad and escaped. One day, he found Alice, bloody and with torn clothing. He brought her back to the estate, where she claimed a werewolf had killed her father and tried to kill her, but had been scared off by her dagger. Lord Ruthven took her claim seriously, stating that a different werewolf had attacked north of Falador recently. He organised a hunting party, arming them all with wolfbane daggers, and sent them out, leaving Alice in the care of Almos's wife. Almos got lost and found the rest of the party dead, killed by the werewolf. He followed the beast's tracks back to the estate and dashed in to look for his wife. He found Alice, who revealed that she was the werewolf.

He appeared in the story By the Light of the Moon.