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This page provides a simple guide to executing the All Fired Up minigame.

  1. Before stocking or lighting the beacons, ensure that all quest and other requirements are met. Then visit beacons requiring specific tasks and perform them. A full list of requirements and tasks is here. Consider giving one of the guardians a macaw pouch to allow guardians to report on all beacons instead of only the ones next to them.
  2. Using the salt-water spring at the Oo'glog spa or the salt-water treatment at the Anachronia base camp makes these runs easier. Energy potions are an alternative, but are less efficient than the spring.
  3. Place twenty logs in each of the beacons; summoning familiars or friends carrying logs may make this faster. These logs will not disappear, so all the beacons may be pre-stocked to save time. Higher-levelled logs burn more slowly, giving players more time to complete the run (though all 14 beacons may be lit in the roughly 13 minutes allotted by regular logs, even without energy boosting of any type).
    If the elite Varrock Diary has been completed, players may use the boxes next to each beacon to store twenty additional logs.
  4. Six beacons must be alight at once to earn Ring of fire, ten for the Flame gloves and all fourteen for the Inferno adze. Any combination of six or ten beacons may be used for the lesser two rewards—they do not have to be beacons 1–6 or 1–10.
  5. Once all the beacons are stocked with logs and all maintenance and requirements are done, light the beacons. The following order is not necessary, but is efficient:
    1. Use a Lumber yard teleport (then run east), Bonesack (e)/Ram skull helm(e) or Invitation box and light both beacons 1 and 2.
    2. Use a Lumber yard teleport and light beacons 3–5 by running west along the edge of the Wilderness.
    3. After beacon 5, teleport to Edgeville and light beacon 6. Run west to the Monastery and light beacon 7.
    4. Using a Goblin village sphere or running from Taverley/Falador, go to Goblin Village and light beacon 8.
    5. Use a Games necklace, Combat bracelet or Burthorpe lodestone to teleport to Burthorpe and light beacon 9 to the east.
    6. Teleport to Trollheim and light beacon 11 to the east. Then use the shortcut into the Wilderness. Run south and light beacon 10.
    7. Teleport back to Trollheim once again, or use a God Wars Dungeon Teleport (requires completion of The Mighty Fall), and run north to beacon 12. Use the shortcut into Wilderness, and run north and light beacons 13 and 14.

The following is if you have access to a Lava titan familiar or if you have the God Wars Dungeon Teleport after completing The Mighty Fall.

  1. If you can use a Lava titan familiar or the God Wars Dungeon Teleport, after lighting beacon 9 (Burthorpe), teleport to God Wars Dungeon. Run north to beacon 12.
  2. Teleport to Trollheim, run east and light beacon 11. Then use the shortcut into the Wilderness. Run south and light beacon 10.
  3. Use your Lava titan familiar or the God Wars Dungeon Teleport (beacon 10 is not in the Wilderness), then run west to beacon 13, then north to beacon 14.

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