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This article is about the farmer. For other uses, see Alice.
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Alice is a widow who runs the family farm west of Port Phasmatys. She runs the shop while her daughter Lyra watches over the nearby herb and allotment patches and her deceased husband manages the undead livestock. Her daughter ensures they do not pay the blood tithes by luring young farmers back to their farm, using them to pay the tithe instead.[1]

Many years ago, the power of the ectofuntus killed her husband and all their cows and chickens, resurrecting them as a ghost and undead cows and chickens.[2][3] Despite this, they continued to run the farm, but this caused trouble in communication, as she refused to use a ghostspeak amulet. The last time she tried, the amount of undead that she heard scared her.[4] In particular, this caused her financial worry as she couldn't find their savings, unaware that her husband had placed them in the bank.

When an adventurer came by seeking undead chickens, she asked them for help. They acted as an intermediary for the couple until the husband refused to give out his pass number, believing the intermediary to be a scammer. The adventurer sought the aid of a nearby witch, who gave them a special ghostspeak amulet for the husband, allowing him to talk to his wife. They started selling the undead chickens for 20 ecto-tokens each after that, saving up to buy killer cows to repel those who attack their livestock.[5]

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References[edit | edit source]

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