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Ali is a common name in Gielinor, especially in the Kharidian Desert region.

Renamed[edit | edit source]

The following non-player characters were formerly called Ali, but were renamed on 24 February 2020:

Current name Original name Description
Jalal the Drunk Drunken Ali A drunk man drinking
Faisal the Barman Ali the Barman Owns The Asp & Snake Bar
Jasim the Camel Ali the Camel A talking camel
Sami the Camel Man Ali the Camel Man Sells camels at a discount
Malik the Carter Ali the Carter Water salesman
Rana the dyer Ali the Dyer A woman in Pollnivneach
Amir the Egghead Ali the Egghead A deceased bandit
Meshari the Engineer Ali the Engineer A deceased bandit
Raheem the Farmer Ali the Farmer In Al Kharid
Fayez the Guard Ali the Guard In Al Kharid
Maysa the Hag Ali the Hag A witch
Isma'il the Kebab seller Ali the Kebab seller Kebab shop owner
Waseem the Leaflet Dropper Ali the Leaflet Dropper Advertises Ali's Discount Wares
Hakeem the Mayor Ali the Mayor Mayor of Pollnivneach
Rashid the Operator Ali the Operator Leader of the Menaphite Thugs
Hakeem the Sandsweeper Ali the Sandsweeper Can only be talked to via NPC Contact
Abbas the Shovel Ali the Shovel A deceased bandit
Musa the Smith Ali the Smith A blacksmith
Badir the Snake Charmer Ali the Snake Charmer A snake charmer
Zeid the Tailor Ali the Tailor Walks around Al Kharid
Traitorous Hesham Traitorous Ali A member of the Menaphites

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A 2009 issue of Postbag from the Hedge contained a letter where Ali Dodger explained that the popularity of the name "Ali" rose after the mansion in Pollnivneach was left to an unknown person named "Ali", leading to citizens legally changing their names in order to try and claim the inheritance.[1] However, since the 2020 update there are much fewer NPCs with the name feature in-game.

References[edit | edit source]

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