Al Zaba Bhasim

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Al Zaba Bhasim is, according to the Desert Mining Camp mercenaries and their captain, the leader of the notorious desert bandits,[1] although it is unknown which group of desert bandits this refers to. He is described as a nomadic and slippery desert dweller, frequently found at Bedabin Camp. The mercenary captain has been unsuccessfully trying to capture him for years.[2][3]

The leader of the Bedabin peoples, Al Shabim, claims that Al Zaba Bhasim does not exist, which could be the reason why he has not been captured.[4]

During The Tourist Trap, if the player attempts to work for the Mercenary Captain, he asks the player to bring him the head of Al Zaba Bhasim.[1] If the player tells him that Al Zaba Bhasim does not exist, the captain feels so offended that he will personally attempt to kill the player, something that he would usually leave for his mercenaries to do.

References[edit | edit source]

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