Agility/Level up table

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LevelP2P-F2P icon.pngNew abilities
Each levelF2P icon.png
  • Each level in Agility allows you to increase your run energy faster and decrease your run energy slower as well as decreasing your chance of failing obstacles (including at shortcuts)
P2P icon.png
1F2P icon.png
P2P icon.png
2P2P icon.png
5F2P icon.png
  • Ability to use the Falador agility shortcut next to the Falador west bank
8P2P icon.png
10P2P icon.png
11P2P icon.png
12P2P icon.png
13P2P icon.png
15P2P icon.png
16P2P icon.png
  • Ability to use the Yanille agility shortcut under the north wall
18P2P icon.png
19P2P icon.png
  • Ability to climb the rocks behind The Grand Tree. (After The Grand Tree)
20P2P icon.png
21P2P icon.png
  • Ability to climb through the underground tunnel in the north-west corner of the Grand Exchange
  • Possibility of stealing quadruple loot from men and women (with 31 thieving)
  • Required to complete Varrock Medium Tasks
22P2P icon.png
23P2P icon.png
25P2P icon.png
26P2P icon.png
28P2P icon.png
29P2P icon.png
30P2P icon.png
31P2P icon.png
32P2P icon.png
33P2P icon.png
34P2P icon.png
35P2P icon.png
36P2P icon.png
37P2P icon.png
38P2P icon.png
39P2P icon.png
40P2P icon.png
41P2P icon.png
  • Ability to scramble up the easy cliff side of Trollheim
42P2P icon.png
  • Ability to climb through the narrow crevice in the Dwarven Mine
  • Guaranteed multiple Cobalt skillchompas caught in a single trap (with 27 Hunter)
  • Possibility of stealing triple loot from a Rogue (with 52 thieving)
  • Required to start Cabin Fever
43P2P icon.png
  • Ability to scramble up the medium cliff side of Trollheim
44P2P icon.png
  • Ability to scramble up the advanced cliff side of Trollheim
45P2P icon.png
46P2P icon.png
47P2P icon.png
  • Ability to scramble up the hard cliff side of Trollheim
48P2P icon.png
49P2P icon.png
50P2P icon.png
51P2P icon.png
52P2P icon.png
53P2P icon.png
54P2P icon.png
55P2P icon.png
56P2P icon.png
57P2P icon.png
58P2P icon.png
  • Ability to use the shortcut to the pool of slime in the Ectofuntus
  • Possibility of stealing quadruple loot from a Master Farmer (with 68 thieving)
59P2P icon.png
60P2P icon.png
61P2P icon.png
62P2P icon.png
63P2P icon.png
64P2P icon.png
65P2P icon.png
66P2P icon.png
67P2P icon.png
68P2P icon.png
69P2P icon.png
70P2P icon.png
71P2P icon.png
  • Ability to cross the plank on the top floor of the Slayer tower
72P2P icon.png
73P2P icon.png
74P2P icon.png
75P2P icon.png
76P2P icon.png
  • Possibility of catching two Sharks in one fishing attempt (with 76 Fishing)
77P2P icon.png
79P2P icon.png
  • Ability to squeeze through the second tunnel in the Kalphite Hive
80P2P icon.png
81P2P icon.png
83P2P icon.png
85P2P icon.png
86P2P icon.png
89P2P icon.png
90P2P icon.png
91P2P icon.png
92P2P icon.png
93P2P icon.png
94P2P icon.png
95P2P icon.png
97P2P icon.png
99P2P icon.png
120P2P icon.png