Age of Kings

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The Age of Kings was a historical time period in the history of Keldagrim, the dwarven capital. Keldagrim was originally ruled by the Elders of Keldagrim, but the monarchy was established soon after.

The length of the Age of Kings is unknown, although it is believed to have lasted for over a thousand years. During this time, the dwarves were ruled by a monarchy, who held absolute power. This time is often regarded by the dwarves as a dark age, although the exact reason for this is unknown. Proposed theories include the difficulties the dwarves were encountering caused by their isolation, the aftershock of the God Wars, or the possible unjust rule of the monarchy.

The Trade Octagon, a structure built following the Age of Kings.

The Age of Kings ended roughly 500 years ago, during the latter part of the Fourth Age. When King Alvis passed away, The Mining Consortium, which had rapidly ascended to power and wealth beyond even the kingship, took over leadership of the city, choosing an eight-rule government. It was at this time that the Age of Kings ended, and the Rise of the Consortium began. The Golden Age of the Dwarves would soon follow.