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An afterlife is a place where the souls of the dead go after being reaped by their realm's Death. Although each world has only one underworld, it has multiple afterlives, each one shaped by the thoughts and beliefs of the deceased.[1]

The souls of Gielinorians go to their afterlives after being reaped from their bodies by Harold Death, ferried over the River Noumenon by a boatman and guided through the Grim Underworld by Icthlarin, in that order. The Fremennik are an exception, having two different underworlds of their own.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Death, "Nomad's Elegy", RuneScape. "There is one single Underworld for all of Gielinor. This is not to be confused with the afterlife. To my knowledge each world has its own Underworld, which is separate to the Gielinor Underworld. ... Whilst there is but one Underworld, there are many afterlives available. Most are based on the personal beliefs of the soul." Post-Quest Dialogue
  2. ^ Mod Chaose. "Lore Q&A with Mods Osborne, Raven, Rowley, Stu, Ollie and Chaose." 12 February 2015. RuneScape Lore Forums. "[The Fremennik having both a spiritual realm and the Niflheim as afterlife] comes largely from Fremmennik folklore and simply not knowing. While they do indeed have two afterlifes, deep connections to their ancestors and the old culture take them to the afterlife of their home world. Niflheim is Gielinor's underworld, and isn't necessarily an equivalent of hell."