Aetherium armour

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This article's subject does not appear in game.
It may be involved in an upcoming update, or its development and release may have been cancelled entirely.

Aetherium armour was a set of level 90 armour that was originally planned to be released as part of the Mining and Smithing rework. The set would have included, at the very least, a full helmet, a platebody, platelegs, a shield and a scimitar. The armour would have required level 90-99 Smithing to create, depending on the piece smithed, and would have been made from ore requiring level 90 Mining. [1] Aetherium armour was replaced by elder rune equipment as the tier 90 smithable content in the second concept of the Mining and Smithing rework.[2]

On 7 January 2019 the armour was released as cosmetic overrides, the Aetherium Outfit and Aetherium (Masterwork) Outfit, alongside the Mining and Smithing rework to be obtained by spending 100% respect from participating in the Artisans' Workshop.

With the release of the Archaeology skill, it was confirmed that Aetherium does or atleast did exist in Gielinor, as Aetherium alloy was discovered at the Stormguard Citadel.

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