Advanced Sweeping

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Advanced Sweeping is an achievement that requires the player to fully enchant the broomstick by bringing it to various magic users around the world. Temporary boosts, such as a magic potion, can be used to reach the requirements, but the god banner boost does not work as a boost for these requirements.

Enchanting[edit | edit source]

NPC Magic level
Reward Fastest method Map location
Apprentice chathead.png: Chat head image of ApprenticeApprentice 1[1] Ability to teleport to the Sorceress's Garden The Apprentice is located in south-east Al Kharid, north-east of Shanty Pass. Using the Al Kharid lodestone would be the fastest way to reach her.
Maysa the Hag chathead.png: Chat head image of Maysa the HagMaysa the Hag 33 1,997 Magic experience Maysa the Hag lives in Pollnivneach. The fastest way to reach her is either using the Bandit Camp lodestone or by magic carpet or teleport with the slayer cape to Sumona.
Old crone chathead.png: Chat head image of Old croneOld crone 53 7,139 Magic experience The Old Crone is located east of the Slayer Tower. The fastest way to reach her is by using a ring of slaying , the Dungeoneering Cape to teleport to the Morytania Slayer Tower dungeon, or the Canifis lodestone.
Baba Yaga chathead.png: Chat head image of Baba YagaBaba Yaga 73 10,338 Magic experience Baba Yaga is inside a house that walks on Chicken Legs located in the north side of Lunar Isle. The fastest way to reach her is by using the Lunar Isle lodestone.
Kardia chathead.png: Chat head image of KardiaKardia 93[2] 14,979 Magic experience The fastest way to reach Kardia (after the completion of Mourning's End Part II) is through the Abyss, Wicked hood, or Tirannwn quiver to get to the Death Altar and then take the tunnel that leads into the Underground Pass (which is directly west of the Death Altar); after entering, take the cave stairs to the east, on the southern wall. Another fast way to get to her is by going through the "Cave Entrance" just north of Lletya, climb down the well, exit the doors and go south. Alternatively, anyone with a Fang of Mohegan may teleport to the Well of Voyage, and run to her house.
  1. ^ Diamond in the Rough needs to be completed and the player needs to have spoken to Osman in order to talk to the apprentice.
  2. ^ Unless the player has fully completed the Underground Pass quest, do not attempt to go into her house directly as she will deal the player damage with a spell. Instead, they need to pick up the Witch's cat from a platform located north-west and use it on her door, making the entrance to her house available. To get the enchantment of the broomstick, use it on Kardia.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 23 April 2018 (Update):
    • This achievement has been adjusted to complete only after all of it's criteria has been met as it was previously possible to have the achievement marked completed with only partial enchantment of the broomstick.