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Acadia trees are trees found in the Imperial district of Menaphos. They can be felled with level 47 Woodcutting, giving 92 Woodcutting experience per acadia log. 4.5 reputation is gained from chopping acadia trees. As with all trees above normal trees and achey trees, acadia trees can yield multiple acadia logs when chopped. Acadia trees are marked with a rare tree mark on the minimap.

Woodcutting acadia trees gives between 55,000 and 92,000 experience an hour, with level 47-99 Woodcutting.

Around 180,000 experience an hour can be gained at level 99, using Crystallise and Light Form.

Using the following items, spells, and prayers will grant up to 350,000 experience per hour at level 99 Woodcutting:

Log-splitting scrimshaws do not work with Crystallise and Light Form.

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