Abyssal bane equipment

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Abyssal bane equipment is a selection of equipment that has passive bonuses against abyssal demons.

Abyssal bane melee equipment[edit | edit source]

Abyssal bane melee equipment are tier 80 melee weapons and a shield, made by by smithing a bane longsword + 4, bane off hand longsword + 4, a bane 2h sword + 4, or a bane square shield + 4 with abyssal whips at 80 Smithing; all four can be augmented.

When using abyssal bane melee equipment in both hands (dual wielding, main-hand plus shield, or two-handed sword), damage against abyssal demons is increased by 25%. When using the shield, adjacent abyssal demon targets that hit the wearer have reflect damage dealt in the same manner as armour spikes - damage equal to Smithing level, doubled. This can be stacked with armour spikes.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Abyssal bane longsword.pngAbyssal bane longsword80Slash967.81876---------
Abyssal bane off-hand longsword.pngAbyssal bane off-hand longsword80---Slash483.91876------
Abyssal bane 2h sword.pngAbyssal bane 2h sword80Slash1765.71876---------
Abyssal bane square shield.pngAbyssal bane square shield80------375.2350----
Augmented abyssal bane longsword.pngAugmented abyssal bane longsword80Slash967.81876---------
Augmented abyssal bane off-hand longsword.pngAugmented abyssal bane off-hand longsword80---Slash483.91876------
Augmented abyssal bane 2h sword.pngAugmented abyssal bane 2h sword80Slash1765.71876---------
Augmented abyssal bane square shield.pngAugmented abyssal bane square shield80------375.2350----

Abyssal bane ammunition[edit | edit source]

Abyssal bane ammunition are tier 60 bolts and arrows that can be used with any crossbow or bow. While fighting abyssal demons, abyssalbane ammunition deals 25% more damage with abilities, 40% more damage with auto-attacks (including Legacy Mode), and increases hit chance by +30%. It is not necessary to have both hands full with abyssalbane-using items.

Abyssalbane ammunition is extremely effective, but abyssal demons are generally considered weak enough that it is unnecessary and using melee focused around area-attacks results in more kills per hour.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Dragonbane bolt 5.pngAbyssalbane boltsBolt576----------
Dragonbane arrow 5.pngAbyssalbane arrowsArrow576----------

List of monsters[edit | edit source]

Abyssal bane effect