Abyssal Slayer creatures

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This article's subject does not appear in game.
It may be involved in an upcoming update, or its development and release may have been cancelled entirely.

Abyssal Slayer creatures are three new Abyssal creatures designed for the Slayer skill by Mod Shogun during Game Jam 2017 and 2018. As of August 2020 all three have been modelled and two have been animated, as showcased during a livestream, with development estimated to be around 85% complete, but environments and some animations still missing and more balancing work needed.[1] As of May 2021 "They are with our lead artist for feedback currently. It also doesn't fit in with the Elder God Wars theme, but once our production teams finds room and they are ready then we will plow forward."

They will be Chthonian demons from the Abyss:

  • Abyssal savage (level 95 Slayer): will be a harder hitting version of an abyssal demon using magic.
  • Abyssal hound (level 105 Slayer): will have an attack which the player must avoid by moving at least one step away.
  • Abyssal lord (level 115 Slayer): will summon high-hitting minions (who use magic) after a certain amount of attacks. Deals damage to the player each time it teleports.

All three will substitute for an abyssal demons task and will have the same teleporting mechanic as abyssal demons. The effects of darklight and abyssalbane ammunition will also work.[2]

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