Abbinah Resting Here For a While

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Abbinah Resting Here For a While is an achievement that requires the player to locate all five ancient aviansie spirits and talk to them within the Stormguard Citadel Dig Site. Fully completing their dialogues are not required for completion of the achievement.

The spirits can be made to appear for a short time by inspecting their respective urns. The urns are very small and may require close attention to be found.

Urn locations[edit | edit source]

Locations of the five urns.
Spirit Location Picture
Gere'dyl On the south-eastern island, near the eastern wall of Dayguard Tower, between some rocks.
Abbinah Resting Here For a While - Gere'dyl urn.png
Jay'uu In the south-western group of islands, against a tree on the island with a Stormguard portal.
Abbinah Resting Here For a While - Jay'uu urn.png
Kal'arma On the north-western island, near the Keshik coat of arms at the southern wall of the Nightguard Tower.
Abbinah Resting Here For a While - Kal'arma urn.png
Kree'gal In the Recreation islands, few paces north of the easternmost keshik ger excavation hotspot.
Abbinah Resting Here For a While - Kree'gal urn.png
Len'ulen In the Recreation islands, in the north-eastern building with the damaged wingsuit v1, next to a C-shaped object.
Abbinah Resting Here For a While - Len'ulen urn.png

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name of this achievement is a play on the sentence "I been a-resting here for a while."
  • Abbinah is the name of the aviansie homeworld.