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For the quest that takes place here, see Haunted Mine.
Entering the Mort Ridge Mine...

The Abandoned Mine, sometimes called the Mort Ridge mines,[1] is an old multi-level complex under Morytania that once was the site of an extensive mining operation. It has since been abandoned and partially flooded by the River Salve. The mine features prominently in the Haunted Mine quest.

The mine has six levels. It has many ore veins, which yield mithril, coal, luminite, drakolith, and phasmatite in addition to the crystal mine. In the quest, you cut a piece of crystal to make a Salve amulet, and you can do so again any time after the quest.

The mine also contains the entrance to Tarn's Lair, which can be found through a passageway in the northern part of level 1. This is the location of the miniquest Lair of Tarn Razorlor, in which players fight Tarn Razorlor and gain the ability to enchant a salve amulet. The lair also has terror dogs, which are sometimes assigned as Slayer tasks.

Dungeon info[edit | edit source]

Mine info[edit | edit source]

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Mine entrances locations

There is no direct path to the mine; the fastest method to reach the entrance is to use a Games necklace or Drakan's medallion to teleport to Burgh de Rott and run west. Otherwise, players must travel through Mort Myre Swamp.

History[edit | edit source]

Morytania had been under the rule of the Vampyres for some time. Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan aided Zamorak in his rebellion against the god Zaros and was rewarded with Morytania as his land to rule, provided he could conquer its inhabitants. He quickly mastered Hallowvale (later called Meiyerditch), the land's chief city, during the God Wars, which gave him complete control over Morytania.

During the Fourth Age, the hordes of Morytania were engaged in a constant struggle with the people of Misthalin and Asgarnia. The Zamorakians, seeking to expand their empire to include Misthalin, launched assault after assault across the River Salve against that land. The Salve, a large river with many defensible cliffs, effectively separated Morytania from Misthalin. The only crossing point was at a small spit of land west of modern-day Canifis. The battles were endless, and the people of Misthalin began to lose hope when six of the Seven Priestly Warriors were killed at the site.

A room in the Mort Ridge Mine.

In a desperate attempt to end the wars, a number of priests invoked the powers of Saradomin to bless the River Salve, which would, it was hoped, prevent the unholy Morytanians from crossing. Soon, the Paterdomus Temple was built at the site of the battles, effectively ending the war between Morytania and the humans.

Years later, during the late Fourth Age, a large ore vein was discovered west of modern-day Burgh de Rott. The Drakan family used a massive number of enslaved humans gathered throughout Morytania to work the mine. The mine was dug deep and rich veins of ore including luminite, drakolith, and phasmatite were found. The mine became one of the largest in the known world at the time.

The miners, after digging far deeper beyond the limits of safety, discovered something hidden in the mine's depths. As soon as Lord Drakan was informed of this, he ordered the mine be shut down. Worse yet, all within the mine, slaves, vampyres, and crewmen alike, were slaughtered or trapped in the ensuing collapse. What was discovered in the mine remained a secret.

During the Haunted Mine quest, players venture into the now-haunted mine as they attempt to discover what the miners found, and why Lord Drakan feared it so.

The quest reveals that the holy River Salve had been seeping into the lowest reaches of the mine. Although most of the water was tainted by the land's twisted soil, some remained pure and retained Saradomin's blessing. This collected in the mine's lowest shaft, with purple crystals growing in it. These crystals absorbed the blessing and, when exposed to the unholy creatures of the land, could severely weaken or even kill them. Drakan thus had the mine destroyed to prevent the crystals from falling into the hands of Saradominists. To further protect the crystals, Drakan imprisoned Treus Dayth, one of his followers, on the lowest level. Even after Treus Dayth died, his tortured soul continued to serve as the mine's guardian.

A tour of the mine[edit | edit source]

A lower level of the mines, full of water and corpses.
The levels are numbered in the order the player encounters them in the Haunted Mine quest, with level 1 being the closest to the surface and level 6 being the deepest.

Access to the deepest level of the mine containing the crystal mine used in the Haunted Mine quest requires the collection of the glowing fungus on level 4 of the mine as described below, unless Morytania Hard Tasks and the Haunted Mine quest have been completed allowing a shortcut directly to the Crystal mine. Alternate light sources, such as lanterns, the Seers' headband or the Glow Worm perk, will not function in the crystal mine on level 6.

After completion of the quest, players will only need to return to the crystal mine to cut more crystal for another salve amulet. All of the available ore veins are accessible elsewhere in the mines without returning to the deepest level.

Be aware that each level of the mine contains two or more separate zones. You cannot get directly from one zone to another when on that level! Instead, you may have to ascend or descend to other levels, or go outside, to get from zone to zone. A few zones are completely inaccessible.

All of the ladders and stairs between levels are labelled to make finding them convenient. For example, ladder 2 on level 1 and ladder 2 on level 2 are the same ladder, connecting the two levels.

This tour assumes the player has completed the Haunted Mine quest. For players playing that quest, see its article for the special things that must be done in the mine.

Entrance[edit | edit source]

The mine can be approached from the Mort Myre Swamp to the north. Level 61 Vampyres infest this path. Follow the mine cart tracks to find the main entrance. Most mine carts can simply be walked around, although one near the entrance itself must be climbed over (clicked on). There are also two back entrances near the River Salve, where part of the mine cart tracks temporarily leave the mine. All three of these entrances go to level 1.

There is also a secret entrance to the mine. This goes to a room on level 2. However, both doors to this room are locked and require the Crystal mine key to be unlocked. The player acquires this key during the Haunted Mine quest.

For those who have aided Burgh de Rott in the quest In Aid of the Myreque, a new path opens to the east. Jumping over the low fence (no Agility level required) will bring the player near the Mine. Just run west a little and then choose your entrance. Vampyres also plague this area.

Level 1[edit | edit source]

Level 1 of the mine
Map Label Description
1 Exit to the main entrance of the mine.
2 Ladder down to level 2.
3 Mine cart tracks pass outside the mine here. You can crawl through the mine cart tunnels to follow the tracks.
4 Ladder down to level 2.
5 Passageway to the lair of Tarn Razorlor.
A 9 coal veins. (Grouped together for rockertunities)
B 4 coal veins.

Level 2[edit | edit source]

Level 2 of the mine
Map Label Description
2 Ladder to level 1.
4 Ladder to level 1.
6 Ladder to level 3.
7 Ladder to level 3.
8 Stairs up to secret entrance on surface.
C Skeletal miners protecting two bronze daggers, a bronze spear, a bronze pickaxe, a steel pickaxe, a steel longsword, and some depleted veins.
D 5 mithril ore veins and some depleted veins, all unreachable.
E Room with two locked doors. Doors can be unlocked with the crystal-mine key.
F 8 luminite and 5 phasmatite veins. One single-use mithril vein for Polterheist achievement.

Level 3[edit | edit source]

Level 3 of the mine
Map Label Description
6 Ladder to level 2.
7 Ladder to level 2.
9 Ladder to level 4.
10 Ladder to level 4.
11 Ladder to level 4.
12 Ladder to level 4.
G Haunted mine carts. Each cart moves along a portion of the mine cart tracks, as shown on the map. Players can avoid carts by walking or running behind or ahead of them and using the occasional wall nooks to let the carts pass. (Be careful; a few nooks are full of abandoned equipment and cannot be entered.) If a cart bumps into the player, the player will be pushed down the cart's route, periodically taking minor damage.
H 13 coal veins.

Level 4[edit | edit source]

Level 4 of the mine
Map Label Description
9 Ladder to level 3.
10 Ladder to level 3.
11 Ladder to level 3.
12 Ladder to level 3.
13 Lift (elevator) to level 5. This is made operable during the quest and remains operable afterwards.
L Point settings showing how the track switches are set on this level. Pressing 'Start' on this panel moves the mine cart (see K).
M Levers for track switches A, B, C, D, and E.
N Levers for track switches F, G, H, I, J, and K.
K "Searchable" mine carts (referred to as "Transfer cart" on the map). To move a glowing fungus from the central 'K' cart to the northern 'K' cart (by ladder 10), put a fungus in the cart, operate the point settings (L) correctly, go through the mine to get down ladder 10, and search the cart there for the fungus.
P Water valve. Used during the quest, with the Zealot's key, to make the lift operable. Does not need to be used after the quest.
J Glowing fungus spawns. The fungus is the only way to light the dark portion of level 6. It turns to ashes if exposed to sunlight, it must be transported using the point settings (L) and mine carts (K). The fungus is quite fragile and immediately turns to ashes if dropped.

If you need to move a glowing fungus across level 4 to ladder 10, use these points settings:

Level 5[edit | edit source]

Level 5 of the mine
Map Label Description
13 Lift to level 4. When players descend to level 5 on the lift, they appear in the flooded chamber and wade to the south shore. Any light source other than a glowing fungus is extinguished and any tinderbox in inventory becomes damp and unusable. (A light source is not needed on this level but is needed on part of level 6.)

Players can return to the lift by click on it when standing near the water. (Players cannot just wade into the water from the shore but must click the lift.)

14 Stairs down to level 6 (Treus Dayth zone).
15 Stairs down to level 6 (crystal mine zone).
Q Several iron pickaxes litter the floor of this level. If the player attempts to pick them up, they turn into possessed pickaxes and attack. (If the player kills a possessed pickaxe, it drops small spiky iron salvage, which can be picked up.) A player taking the corridor containing the 'Q' on the map will always be attacked by a possessed pickaxe. (The other corridor is safe as long as the player does not try to pick up a pickaxe there.)
R 8 luminite veins.
S 9 drakolith veins.

Level 6[edit | edit source]

Players must have a glowing fungus in their inventory to light and gain access to this level. Nothing else, not even the Seers' headband or the Glow Worm perk, work as a light source here unless using the shortcut gained after completing Morytania hard tasks. See section: Accessing the Crystal Mine below.

Level 6 of the mine
Map Label Description
14 Stairs up to level 5.
15 Stairs up to level 5.
T Treus Dayth's chamber. This is where the player fights Treus Dayth's ghost in the quest. After the quest, the cranes and mine carts in this chamber are not dangerous. The mark 'T' is next to the spot of the Innocent-looking Key, which becomes the Crystal mine key when picked up.
U Locked door. The crystal-mine key unlocks this door.
V 4 coal veins.
W 13 phasmatite veins.
X 6 coal veins. (Grouped together for rockertunities)
Y Salve crystal area. A chisel can be used to cut pieces of crystal. Players cannot cut the crystal if they already possess a purple crystal (alone or part of a Salve amulet). The Drop trick can be done to get multiple crystals.
Z 8 luminite veins (1 not reachable).

Getting around in the mine[edit | edit source]

The still operational lift of the Mine...
...that leads to a completely flooded cavern.

This section is based on the map labels and provides a compact guide to getting to the more interesting areas of the mine.

Scroll down below for quick access instructions if you are collecting ore from veins rather than cutting crystal for an amulet.

Accessing the Crystal Mine[edit | edit source]

Quick-access (pictured right): This only applies if players have completed the Morytania hard tasks and the Haunted Mine quest.

The shortcut located south-east from the entrance to Tarn's Lair.
  • Enter the mine via the main entrance (climb the cart and through the tunnel) and select Crawl-through Tunnel at the cart immediately south.

Players who have not completed the Morytania hard tasks and Haunted Mine quest must follow the steps below to obtain the glowing fungus to gain access.

To get to point L on level 4 from the surface (and move a glowing fungus by mine cart):

  1. Surface: Enter the main entrance.
  2. Level 1: Go 1 - 3 - 4; climb down.
  3. Level 2: Go 4 - 6; climb down.
  4. Level 3: Go 6 - 12; climb down.
  5. Level 4: Go 12 - J (get fungus) - central K (put fungus in cart) - L. Also go M and N as necessary to set switches correctly. Push 'Start' at L.

To get to point 10 on level 4 from point L (to get the glowing fungus after moving it):

  1. Level 4: Go L - 12; climb up.
  2. Level 3: Go 12 - 6; climb up.
  3. Level 2: Go 6 - 4; climb up.
  4. Level 1: Go 4 - 3 - 2; climb down.
  5. Level 2: Go 2 - 7; climb down.
  6. Level 3: Go 7 - 10; climb down.
  7. Level 4: Go 10 - K (search cart for fungus).

To get to point 13 on level 5 from point K on level 4 (to get to the mine/collect key):

  1. Level 4: Go K - 10; climb up.
  2. Level 3: Go 10 - 9; climb down.
  3. Level 4: Go 9 - 13; take lift down to level 5.

To get a new crystal-mine key (skip to next group if you have the key):

  1. Level 5: Go 14; climb down.
  2. Level 6: Go 14 - T (take innocent-looking key; turns into crystal-mine key, can be added to the key ring).
  3. Level 6: Go 14; climb up to get back to level 5.

To get to the crystal mine (with the crystal-mine key):

  1. Level 5: Go 15; climb down.
  2. Level 6: Go 15 - U (unlock door with key) - Y (crystal mine).

Quick-access to the Secret Entrance veins[edit | edit source]

This area gives quick access to luminite and phasmatite veins. A crystal-mine key is required to access this area. No light source or glowing fungus is required to mine here.

To get to point F on level 2 from the surface:

  1. Surface: Enter secret entrance.
  2. Level 2: Go E (unlock door with key) - F; mine veins.

Quick-access to the Drakolith veins[edit | edit source]

A crystal mine key is required for this quick access route. No light source or glowing fungus is required to mine Drakolith.

To get to point S on level 5 from the surface:

  1. Surface: Enter secret entrance.
  2. Level 2: Go E (unlock door with key) - 7
  3. Level 3: Go 7 - 9
  4. Level 4: Go 9 - 13
  5. Level 5: Go 13 - S; mine veins.
The fabled Salve crystals at the bottom of the mine.

Personalities[edit | edit source]

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Those that were killed in the mine were forced to remain even after death. These spirits now wander the mine, taking their revenge upon all who enter. Some of the abandoned mining equipment has also become possessed, potentially making anything a threat. Much more dangerous beasts await those that venture into Tarn's lair.

Also beware of mining equipment such as:

  • Cranes (on level 6, only dangerous during the quest)
  • Mine carts (on level 4, dangerous at all times; on level 6, only dangerous during the quest)
  • Iron pickaxes (on level 5, become possessed pickaxes if picked up)

Mining and Ores[edit | edit source]

Despite years of heavy use, the mine is still rich in ore. Although many of the veins are too deep to reasonably reach, some are accessible throughout the upper levels of the mine.

Banking and Profit[edit | edit source]

When using this mine, the nearest metal bank is the furnace is located in Burgh De Rott.

Alternatively, you can use the closer Burgh De Rott bank, although it is not open until it is repaired during the quest, In Aid of the Myreque. Numerous aggressive Vampyres plague the land between the mine and Burgh de Rott, but players can greatly lessen the threat by wearing good armour, running, and turning auto-retaliate off.

There is also a bank in Tarn's Lair, although the path to it is guarded by aggressive Zombies and Skeletons as well as numerous traps. A fee of 100 coins is required for each use of this bank.

The ore veins on level 2, with coal, luminite, and phasmatite, are quite practical to mine, although few players seem to realise this. After the Haunted Mine quest, players will have the Crystal-mine key, which can be used to unlock the doors to the veins on level 2. Also after the quest, players can use the secret entrance, which is right next to the level 2 veins. This makes the round trip between the Burgh de Rott bank and the level 2 veins fairly fast, equivalent in time to other high-value mines like the Mining Guild and the mine on Jatizso.

How to mine with the Possessed Pickaxes[edit | edit source]

Level 49 possessed pickaxes will potentially attack anyone. A way to mine without the pickaxes constantly attacking is to run to the mining spot, animate the pickaxes, then run away until the pickaxes no longer target you, then wait for the yellow dots to disappear. The pickaxes will then be on the ground and unanimated. They will not reanimate unless clicked on, allowing the ores to be mined. Leaving and returning will not cause the pickaxes to reanimate.

List of Ores[edit | edit source]

All ore is found in ore veins in the mine's walls, rather than in ore rocks like in many other mines. Like ore rocks, these veins are not depleted when mined and offer rockertunities. Some veins are in areas that cannot be reached and others are blocked by debris or abandoned equipment. Many veins nonetheless are accessible, and these provide:

In addition to these resources, there is a single one-time use mithril vein available on level 2 of the mine on the northern wall used as part of the Polterheist achievement.

Quests[edit | edit source]

There are two quests involved with the Mort Ridge Mine.

  • Haunted Mine, wherein players explore the mine and defeat its guardian to obtain a salve crystal
  • Lair of Tarn Razorlor miniquest, wherein players explore the lair of an old necromancer who once came to seek his fortune in the mine and defeat him
The room where you battle Treus Dayth.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Polterheist (RuneScore.png 10) – Mine the mithril vein in the north-west corner of level 2 of the Abandoned Mine.

Music[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 14 January 2019 (Update):
    • Moved some stalagtites in the haunted mine, which blocked access to a portion of drakolith vein.
  • patch 10 July 2017 (Update):
    • Some environment issues have been fixed near this mine.
  • patch 23 November 2015 (Update):
    • Fixed a minor blocking issue with a ladder in the Haunted Mine.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Parts of some mines levels can be seen from other levels in the mine. This is suspected to be an artefact of how Jagex stores the levels rather than an intended feature of the mine. (For example, there is no elevation change on any level like there is in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.)
    • Part of level 4 can be seen from the southern part of level 2.
    • Part of level 5 can be seen from the southern part of level 3.
    • Part of level 6 can be seen from the southern part of level 4.
    • Part of level 6 can be seen from the eastern part of level 5.
  • Prior to the Mining and Smithing rework, the level 2 ore veins allowed for mining without competing for ore due to the low number of players who return to the area after completion of the quest. It is likely that they do not notice these veins or discover that the newly-gained crystal mine key unlocks the doors from the secret entrance.
  • Even though a tinderbox is un-usable you can use a dwarven army axe to light lanterns again, although like other methods, this does not help gain access to level 6.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Zealot, "Haunted Mine", RuneScape. "Well, below the very ground you stand upon lies an intricate network of tunnels that make up the Mort Ridge mines."