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A strange portal was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

A strange portal was a portal that appeared in several locations on Gielinor. It could be interacted with to automatically add a statue to one of the plinths in the party area, as part of the 15 Year Anniversary Celebrations. They were present in the game throughout the whole of 2016. Finding a statue in a different way (such as through popping balloons or from a party box obtained from Party Pete) removed the corresponding portal.

When searching a new portal, The following dialogue happened:

  • You place your hand in the portal. [DESCRIPTION TEXT]. Your hand comes across something solid but as you touch it, it disappears.
  • You hear a voice telling you that you have found the statue contained within and that it will be placed in your 15th Anniversary garden, north of Falador.
  • You have unlocked [AMOUNT]/15 statues.

Locations[edit | edit source]

15 Year emote icon.png Year Location Map Unlocked statue Description text Closest Teleports
2001 South of Al Kharid bank, south-west of the Palace A strange portal (2001) location.png 2001 Elvarg statue.png
The area within feels cold to the touch. Al Kharid lodestone, Broomstick, Amulet of glory
2002 Between the Jolly Boar Inn and the Lumber Yard A strange portal (2002) location.png 2002 King Black Dragon statue.png
King Black Dragon
The area within is clammy and sticky. Lumber Yard Teleport, Balloon transport system, Earth altar teleport
2003 Lumbridge Swamp, south of Father Urhney's house A strange portal (2003) location.png 2003 mage arena staff barrel statue.png
Mage arena staff barrel
The air within the portal tickles your skin. Lumbridge Teleport, Lumbridge lodestone, Fairy Ring
2004 East of the entrance to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon A strange portal (2004) location.png 2004 Dad statue.png
The area within feels moist. Port Sarim lodestone, fairy ring code AIQ to Mudskipper Point and run north-north-east
2005 South-west of the Witch's house, south of Taverley A strange portal (2005) location.png 2005 Dharok statue.png
The air within the portal is thick with heavy rain. Taverley lodestone
2006 Falador, north of the Party Room, within the city A strange portal (2006) location.png 2006 Pyramid Plunder mummy statue.png
Pyramid Plunder Mummy
The area within feels uncomfortably warm. Falador Teleport, Falador lodestone
2007 West of the Varrock tannery, south of Soran A strange portal (2007) location.png 2007 Fremennik Longboat statue.png
Fremennik longboat
The air within feels tepid and sends a shiver down your spine. Varrock Teleport, Varrock lodestone
2008 Western part of Goblin Village A strange portal (2008) location.png 2008 Summoning altar statue.png
Summoning altar
The air within feels full of thorns, but none of them harm you. Falador Teleport, Falador lodestone, Goblin Village sphere
2009 South-western part of the White Wolf Mountain, enter from Taverley A strange portal (2009) location.png 2009 Evil Tree statue.png
Evil Tree
The area within is thick like treacle. Taverley tablet, Taverley lodestone
2010 West of the Barbarian Village/Gunnarsgrunn A strange portal (2010) location.png 2010 Nomad statue.png
The air within gives off a foul stench as you slide your hand in. Skull sceptre, Falador Teleport, Paddewwa Teleport, Edgeville lodestone
2011 Eastern part of the Clan Camp, along the path leading to Falador A strange portal (2011) location.png 2011 Nex statue.png
The air within is balmy and your hand starts to sweat. Cabbageport, Port Sarim lodestone
2012 Rimmington, south of the Chemist's House A strange portal (2012) location.png 2012 Queen Black Dragon statue.png
Queen Black Dragon
The air within the portal is very cold, making you shiver. Rimmington tablet, Port Sarim lodestone
2013 Trees north-west of Draynor Manor, outside the fencing, just south-east of the party garden A strange portal (2013) location.png 2013 World Event statue.png
World Event
The area within feels hot and your skin tingles. Skull sceptre
2014 South-east of the South-east Varrock mining site, near the dig site fence A strange portal (2014) location.png 2014 Prifddinas statue.png
The area within feels dense like a raincloud. Dig Site pendant
2015 Musa Point, north-east of Stiles, near the Agility shortcut A strange portal (2015) location.png 2015 Tuska statue.png
The air within the portal crackles with static energy. Port Sarim lodestone and ship to Musa Point, Karamja lodestone

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Name Requirement In-game text
15th Anniversary Dance Collect 4 15th Anniversary Statues
  • For collecting four statues you have unlocked a special 15th Anniversary dance emote.
Skilling speech bubbles Collect 8 15th Anniversary Statues
  • For collecting eight statues you have unlocked the special 15th Anniversary speech bubbles that show while you are skilling.
    The skilling bubbles will show up for 19 of your skills. You can toggle them on the Game Settings under Miscellaneous Settings.
15 Year emote Collect 12 15th Anniversary Statues
  • For collecting twelve statues you have unlocked a special 15th Anniversary emote which shows memories from 2001 to 2004.
    It will also grow to show memories from every year up to and including 2015 over the anniversary year.
15th Anniversary cracker wings Collect 15 15th Anniversary Statues
  • For collecting fifteen statues you have unlocked special 15th Anniversary cracker wings. You can find them in the wardrobe.

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