A critic's review (article 2)

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A critic's review (article 2) can be obtained from excavating at the Senntisten Dig Site at the Cathedral debris excavation hotspots. Recovering this page along with the rest of the critic's review pages is a requirement for completing the Night Theatre mystery.

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A Critic's Review 2

Yet another lacklustre performance by the Guild Actors of Senntisten. This time they brutally murdered a rendition of the classic love story 'Cressilius and Troida', the tragic story of a Chthonian demon, madly in love with an Avernic demon. The tale is a beautiful story for the ages, romance battling it out against the harsh restrictions of class and tradition. Or it would be if performed by any other troupe.

The lead role of Cressilius is played for some reason by the youngest of the troupe, Cassius Holter. Young Cassius may well be a great actor, but he needs the time to mature and experience in order to grasp the nuance of the chthonian demon's plight. His youthful vigour could perhaps serve him well in the role of a soldier, or some waifish background love interest. But in the role of Cressilius it's practically an insult. Still, the terrible truth is that young Holter is by far the best thing in the play. I'm afraid it's all downhill from there.

In the role of Troida - the tragic love interest of our Chthonian protagonist - we once again see Cassandra Stropp. Once against[sic] she delivers an emotionless performance that make[sic] the statues in the town square look like world-class thespians. She delivers each line with a mechanical precision that has no place on the stage.

There is sadly nothing in this performance that would make it worthy of a first viewing, let alone subsequent ones. I urge you, dear readers, avoid this performance like the plague.

0 stars.

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