A Thief Beyond Belief

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A Thief Beyond Belief is an achievement that requires the player to steal from each of the listed types of merchant stalls.

Merchant stalls Location(s)
Vegetable stall Miscellania, Catherby, Ape Atoll, Lumbridge Market
Baker's stall Catherby, Ardougne market, Lumbridge Market
Crafting stall Varrock, Keldagrim, Sophanem, Ape Atoll, Lumbridge Market
Tea stall Varrock
Silk stall Ardougne market, Merchant district of Menaphos
Wine stall Draynor Village, Catherby, Lumbridge Market
Seed stall Draynor Village, Lumbridge Market
Fur stall Ardougne market, Rellekka
Fish stall Catherby, Rellekka, Miscellania, Etceteria
Lamp stall Merchant district of Menaphos
Crossbow stall Keldagrim
Silver stall Keldagrim, Ardougne market
Spice stall Ardougne market
Magic stall Ape Atoll
Scimitar stall Ape Atoll
Gem stall Ardougne market, Keldagrim

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