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A New Mystery was a Hallowe'en related event hosted by player and forum moderators. It bears similarities to the Mod Murder Mystery Event hosted on 7 April 2010.[1] Initially, some players thought this to be a hoax, but a Jagex moderator has confirmed otherwise.[2]

Mysteries[edit | edit source]

The main thread on the event reads as follows:[3]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:A New Mystery.

Welcome everyone!

I have come across, what appears to be, a very important message. If I hadn't found it myself, I might not have believed this frightening news at all! But take my words, this did really happen and I decided to share it with you. Together we stand strong, but right now, my legs are shivering..

Diary Entry #1

Diary Entry #1

The world around me twisted and all air was pressed out my lungs as I disappeared into the dark. As my feet touched the ground again, my lungs quickly filled with a chilly air. Welcomed by the splashing sounds of a fountain, I opened my eyes. I had arrived at Varrock square. Although I must have done it a hundred times now, I never got used to teleporting.

I marched through the castle outer gates, and then through the second gate. Every time I walk this route, I'm impressed by the seize and structure of the castle. 'Who in their right mind would dare to battle this fortress?' I asked myself while looking up to the high castle arch. I walked through the hallway I had walked many times before, getting closer to my destiny.

Upon entering the room, a nice gentle voice greeted me: 'How good to see you again!' said Reldo as he shook my hand. 'What brings you here?' 'You know me, I fancy a good book from time to time' I replied with a small grin on my face. 'I better leave you to it then, I have still a lot of work to do on this Census anyway' Reldo said as he bend over the Census.

I started scanning titles, took some books, browsed them through and put them back again. When I reached the back of the library I noticed something was stuffed away behind a bookcase. I looked around and quickly took what appeared to be a book. It was black and had a sinister, but also attractive look. There was no title, just a plain, black cover. I opened the book and started to read:


Once a year, at This world most sinister hours, the dark comes out of its hidings.
Common darkness is celebrated While an Event takes place, Not known by the many.
Threatening humankind, This Yearly event can change the world forever more.
Only I possess The knowledge, sought after by those who seek to dominate this world.
Being the carrier of this Heavy, dreadful secret, yet mortal as I am, my time is Inevitably near.
End my endless suffering and complete the instructions I so Reluctantly not Dared to fulfill.
Read my words with care and open your mind to understand what has been written


The time has come to...

The rest of the page was torn away. Someone else must have been here first and now possesses the instructions for what has been described!. Frightened by these thoughts, I walked into the castle garden in search for some fresh air. Taking some deep breaths, I felt that this story is to be continued very soon…

Diary Entry #2

Walking through Varrock's Slums, the sunset was casting long shadows on the road in front of me. Suddenly a rat ran passed my feet, making its squeaking noises. It was followed by a huge shadow. The shadow grew in size and my feet rooted to the earth. As the figure turned the corner, I hold my breath for a moment or two. One second later, I was grateful no one was around to be ashamed for; it was just a black cat. It was Neite!

'Hey, you there!' she said as she walked towards me. I asked how she was doing and her face saddened before my eyes. 'I'm doing alright. Have you seen Bob?' I sensed some despair in her question. 'No I have not, what's going on Neite?' She turned away here head as she answered the question: 'He said he had a terrible headache, and left off. That was yesterday and I haven't seen him since. 'Don't worry Neite, I know Bob, he just needs some time alone.' 'If you say so, but if you see him, can you tell him I'm looking for him?' I nodded and she walked off into the night.

Darkness had taken over as I continued my journey. A few moments later another shadow was casted on a crossing road. The shadow quickly ran away. Curious as I am I hurried to the street's corner. Halfway the next street, two robed man stood there whispering. I couldn't tell what they were saying. I rushed around the house and now heard the tallest of the two speak: '… is near. Here is what you need:


23 Iron Thrownaxes
15 Snakehides
20 eye of Newts or Onions

14 Toad's legs (Seasoned)
5 Opal bolts (E)
4 Adamant Scimitars
5 Yellow beads
23 lit Torches
5 strings of Hair
11 Incomplete Stews

25 Threads
1 Insect repellent
4 rune Maces
19 red spider's Eggs


Guard it well and be there!!' The other hooded figure nodded and they both went their own ways.

There, at midnight, in the shadow of two houses, a shiver arose from my back and spread all the way down to my toes and up to the crown of my head. My fingertips tingled; something was wrong.

Distress Call- Help!

Forum Mods have been acting weirdly.

I don't know what's happening to me! I was walking to Falador when all of a sudden I blacked out. When I came to, my hands were covered in blood and I had a strange craving for anchovies...

If anyone can help, please try. I don't know what's going on, but it seems to be occurring more often.

*eyes fall in the back of my head*

He shall rule us all....

Who will prevail? None...none shall overcome.

October is approaching. Finally...finally.

Who am I? Who are you? Are you me? Am I? Are we? What?

Who shall I fear? Who shall I fear? With Him on my side, none can prevail.

There are others...

The Portal will be opened.

Thordur will be pleased.

All Hallow's Eve approaches. The 23rd looks particuarly appealing. Yes, that weekend shall suffice. My will be done.

Is this reserved? Not long, for he shall rule us all. There are others. Beware.

Post if you dare, just know He is watching.

*shakes back to con*iousness*

What's going on? Hello? Hello? ...Weird.


Gypsy Aris Visit - Again!

Usually leaving Varrock's Town Square, I pass by Gypsy Aris' tent without paying much attention to it.

This evening , however, the setting sun seemed to light the colourful tent in a different way. As I stopped to admire the sun glowing through the tent walls, I grinned at the sign 'Gypsy Aris, Fortune-teller, Guaranteed no Waiting'.

"Why not?,* I thought. And walked inside the tent. She was right about one thing all right, there's not a que. I hesitated inside while my eyes adjusted to the dimness within.

"I expected you to show up,* said the Gypsy as she looked up.

"You did?" I said puzzled.

"Yes, just like last time," she replied.

"Now let me look into my crystal ball for you," she said.

She did not await my answer or permission but leaned over the crystal globe immediately. One, two, maybe three minutes passed before she finally spoke again. "I see nothing.."

"How can you see nothing?," I protested "You are a fortune teller! Surely you must see something!"

"I did not finish," she scolded me. "I see nothing – a nothingness that is black, suffocating, impenetrable darkness. A nothingness that is everywhere!"

"Are you sure you cannot see anything else?" , I asked - not liking the idea of black nothingness in my future.

"No,* she answered, "just an empt.." she abruptly stopped and gasped loudly.

With a bit of excitement in her voice, she continued. "I saw a purple flash of light. Wait!.. People are in there. People wearing something in their heads. .. It's a crown!, A golden crown!" her voice grew more excited and louder.

She gasped again, then I heard a slight tremble in her voice. "Another purple flash! And now a bigger gold flash! .. Oh! … The crowns, the crowns! No, not the crowns!*

  • What about the crowns?" I questioned her excitedly.

"The crowns are gone!," she said sadly.

"And what else? Is that it?," I asked, begging her to continue with the fortune telling.

"Patience is a virtue!," she answered, the annoyance at me telling in her voice.

I waited quietly, my hands wringing together in worry as she continued to stare in crystal ball.

After what seemed an eternity, she continued talking in a low wondering voice.

"More crowns. The crowns are circling. I can*t see what they circle around, the circling grows faster. I see gold, green and silver swirl and blend together. It is chaotic."

I stood with my knees nearly buckling, wanting her to finish to make sense of the telling.

"I hear church bells," she continued. "Striking .. One..two..three..four..five..six..seven.. eight.. ," she gasped again.

"On the eighth ring, the crowns all vanished."

She looked up at me. "That is all for now.*

Stunned, I stood there with my knees shaking. I thanked her for her help.

As I gained control of my feet, I couldn't help but think of how much this vision had frightened me.

What on earth on Gelinor could it mean?

There's something going on, and I am inclined to figure out what it is!

Hoping to distract myself from my own ominous fate, I instead asked Gypsy Aris for tellings on my friends. After sharing details of my friends' routines, the gypsy nodded, and then peered into the crystal ball.

"All is not as it appears for Aeraie," she said.

"Her day seemed ordinary enough to me," I said. "What do you see?"

"Her ravens," said the gypsy. "Do you not know what ravens are?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "Other then large black birds, no."

"Look closely at the names," demanded the gypsy.

"Redrum, Walloh and Etile? What of it?" I asked.

"With the ominous tellings of a strange dangerous event to come to your life in the near futrue - do you not find it strange that one with pets which are harbingers of death should befriend you? And that those pets names are cleverly disguises for Murder, Elite and Hallow?," she asked.

"Oh!," I said in enlightment. "Murder, and Elite, and I am aware that All Hallows Eve is approaching. Do you think she knows? Do you think she is involved?"

"How could she not be?," answered the gyspy. "As to how she is involved and in whether for good or evil only time will tell. Perhaps if she were to visit me, I could read more and advise her as well as you."

Aeraie, if you do visit the gypsy - as I hope you will - do keep in mind that her tellings can have many interpretations. As Djinni Jin posted, gypsies are not known for giving a straight and clear answer.

I continued my visit with the gypsy asking what she made of LoveWar's beautiful but strident poem.

"That one too feels the weakening of the force," she said thoughtfully, "they too can feel the darkness approaching."

"What is the darkness, why do fear it so much?", I pushed her.

"That my child is not showing yet."

"Now showing?," I questioned her. "Can you or can you not see into the future?"

"Oh I can see into the future," she answered. "But the future is shaped but what is happening here and now. If now has not yet happened the future is not happening and is not seen in the crystal."

"Do you mean the future can be changed?," I asked.

She nodded. "Changed, but not to the degree you seem think. The future has many paths and many alterations. You may shift the path, but many times only slightly."

"So, the nothingness and the swirls of gold, green, and silver crowns that you saw before... that may not happen?," I asked with hope in my voice.

"That will happen," she said firmly. "It is what you and others do about it that is the future not yet formed nor told."

"What do you think I should do?," I asked.

"I am not an advisor for the future, only a teller for the future," she said with a wink. "What you do, is your decision to make."

"Please, tell me what else you see then."

She gazed into the ball again for some time. When she looked up, she said "That is all I can tell you for now, other then I sense the story will be told out and concluded before All Hallows Eve for certain."

"Then what should I do now?"

"Go about your days," she said, "but be wary very wary and look all about for clues. I am not the only source of information."

We concluded the visit, and I still feel a sense of foreboding ahead.

I knew I shouldn't have done it. I knew I shouldn't have visited they gypsy again - it was too soon, and her cryptic tellings with so little real information and too much to interpret would just annoy me. Yet like moths drawn to lanterns, I found myself drawn once again to the tent after visiting friends early Sunday morning in Varrock's bank.

I had barely stepped through the door, when the gypsy ssid without looking up, "Hello PrincesSeuss."

I knew now to not question how she knew it was me without looking - its just what she does, and she wouldn't tell me anyways.

She stroked the crystal ball with her right hand and mist began to whirl within it.

"klaus ikra stands beside the portal with you."

"klaus? Oh the void knight. Portal? What portal?" I asked. "You didn't say anything of a poartal before."

Gypsay Aris looked at me through crinkled eyelids. "As I told you, the future siteings unfold as the present events unflold. klaus ikra's visit allowed this siteing."

"And what of the portal?" I asked, "where does it lead to."

She shook her head. "I see only the portal trying to open."

"Hmmm," I said, "just like the void knight outpost. Will klaus ikra, help me?"

"Perhaps, if he finds the courage to seek his future. He left here frightened before I could show him what he needs to face."

"You have that effect on others," I muttered under my breath.

"Aeraie also needs to find the courage to find her heart," she continues.

"Did Aeraie visit?"


"What did you tell her?"

"Told her much I did, she has a puzzle she must think through - as do you."

"I have a puzzle?" I asked.

"Many puzzles and tribulations are in your future my dear, but that is the future not ready to be told," she answered. "In fact, that will be all today," she said - clearly dismissing me.

Do you see now why she is so annoying? After a very long conversation I only know she has scared away a void knight, given a girl a puzzle and hinted at my dire future.

I braced myself with a mug of strong ale and a pretzel before strolling casually into Gypsy Aris' tent. At least I tried to appear to be casual.

"Come in Princes Seuss," said the gypsy. "I see something new."

"New? what is it?" I asked.

"Not what, but who. I see investigators, two of them. You need to seek out the detectives. Professor Oddenstein and Dr. Sherlock Gnomes, both."

Finally, real advice, not her usual mumbo jumbo obscure warnings!

I nodded at her. "Oddenstein I know of - Draynor Manor; but Gnomes I have never heard of, where do I find him?"

"Are you sure you have never heard of him?," she said, was it an accusatory tone I heard in her ancient voice?

"No, I'm sure. I don't know of Dr. Sherlock Gnomes," I insisted.

"Seek him on the forums - Distress Call Quick find code: 14-15-624-61732902 ," she advised. "And while there seek out your own profile."

"My own?," I questioned her as she stared at me with a glare.

"Your own. You are not in touch or even in control of your own mind," she advised.

"What are you saying?," I asked. "Its you have visions of a dire future for me. I have no visions of my own, I'm fine, I'm sane."

"Visit that first, then come back to me tomorrow. After you face up to your own past and your future, I will share more with you."

I wonder what I will find on the thread Distress Call, and what she will tell me tomorrow?


The Quick Find Code for this thread is 46-47-787-61740805. Anyone is able to participate.


Hidden messages[edit | edit source]

The first diary entry concealed a hidden message. The first letter of each sentence of the book, together form the word October. If you put all the capitals in these sentences that shouldn't be capitalised next to each other, they form Twenty-three.

References[edit | edit source]

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