A Guide to Perfect Tea

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A Guide to Perfect Tea is a book found in the Grand Library of Menaphos. It is obtained from the third bookcase from the north on the western wall on the top floor.

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As we all know, a cup of tea is a strong companion for the worker's soul, and despite the common conception that cold drinks are more beneficial in hot weather, the inverse is true. Helping to lower your body temperature with a cold drink may provide temporary relief, but this then causes the body to adjust to the hot temperature a second time, exacerbating the discomfort. Conversely, if you instead opt for hot drinks, you will find that you raise your body temperature, lessening the disparity between your body and the environment, and therefore directly reducing the discomfort of the weather.

Now, for making the best cup of tea in Menaphos, you require simply care and patience, for no art can be rushed. The best art comes from the soul, and the soul is not nurtured by petty human concepts such as 'time' or 'responsibilities'.

One simply requires a cup (saucer optional), a teaspoon no larger than your thumb and the finest tea leaves you have access to. Sugar, milk and spices can all be added to taste; only you know what makes your perfect cup of tea. To begin, you must bring enough water to fill two thirds of your cup to the boil with your preferred apparatus, after which you may pour it in. Next you must add your tea leaves, apply some motion with your teaspoon and then leave the cup for three to five minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea. Depending on taste, the leaves can be removed with a small sieve, and sugar, milk or spices can be added. I recommend sourcing milk and sugar from Misthalin and spices from the east. Several merchants procure these via the Port district for your perusal.

Then main thing you should always remember is that tea is a gift from Tumeken himself. Its soothing taste heals the soul, calms the spirit and frees the mind. If you take the time and effort to nurture and perfect your tea-making to suit your tastes, then enlightenment will follow.

This book funded by the 'Motivation for the Menaphos Menials Initiative'.

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