2021 server login issues

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Login message players received if they had lost player data

On 4 March 2021, the RuneScape login servers experienced downtime resulting in many players being unable to login to the game. Also known as Login Lockout in the communication from Jagex. The issue affected both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, and was not resolved until several hours later. However, after the servers were back up and running, a small percentage of players remained unable to login due to lost data on their accounts.

As many as 1% of RuneScape players have been unable to login for at least 4 weeks.

Cause[edit | edit source]

Server issues began on 8 February 2021, eventually culminating in the crash on 4 March. After the servers were brought back online, a small number of players remained unable to login due to gaps in their player profile data. According to Jagex, all Old School RuneScape players and 99% of RuneScape players were unaffected by this.[1]

Investigation and beta[edit | edit source]

After determining the cause of the issue, Jagex found that the players who were still unable to login after 4 March had lost all character progress that had been made after 8 February. To fix the issue, telemetry data will be used to reconstruct missing character progress for affected players.[1]

When performing an action in RuneScape, such as completing a quest or buying an item from the Grand Exchange, telemetry data is collected internally. The data serves as a log of everything that the character did, and therefore Jagex planned to build new scripts that would aid the restoration of the missing character data from the telemetry data. This work began around 8 March. Throughout the process, Jagex stressed that no characters had been lost and the data would be restored. To focus more resources on the restoration effort, game updates were postponed for several weeks, eventually resuming on 29 March with the 2021 Easter event.[2]

On 12 March, Jagex announced their intention to run a "beta" instance of RuneScape for some affected players to test a restored version of their character,[2] and contacted players by email on 19 March to participate. The beta began on 23 March and ended on 26 March. Players that took part in the beta were asked to complete a survey that allowed them to raise any issues with their restored character, and gained access to a temporary private Discord server to relay concerns to Jagex.[3]

On 26 March, Jagex confirmed that they would begin restoring characters to the live game based on telemetry data the following week. Affected characters began being restored in waves, with the first one releasing on 30 March and the seventh and final wave releasing on 9 April.[4]

For players that are still affected, or have missing items or concerns, Jagex has setup a dedicated aftercare page.

Issues with affected accounts[edit | edit source]

With accounts being restored using telemetry data, there are several differences between the restored version of the character and the version of the character that would've existed before the login server crash.

  • Players will need to organise their banks themselves again, as items have been restored to it in no particular order.
  • Invention perks may have been reverted to an earlier state.
    • However, most components used in perk crafting have been returned, along with 50% extra.
  • Some player-owned farm animals might be missing, however breeding logs have been restored and are complete.
  • Some players will have been teleported to Burthorpe or Lumbridge.
  • Some UI settings might have changed.
  • Potential for duplicated or missing items under certain conditions.
  • Bonds and Treasure Hunter keys may not be restored immediately upon the account being unlocked.

Compensation[edit | edit source]

Affected accounts have received, or later will receive, compensation for their lost playtime:

  • On 18 March, affected accounts received 31 days of membership. RuneMetrics subscriptions were also included. They will also receive another month of free membership.
  • Premier Club members will get a discount for next year's Premier Club.
  • Affected players will also receive double daily Treasure Hunter keys for a period of one month.

Returner's gift box[edit | edit source]

All affected accounts will also receive a returner's gift box on or after 6 April:

April events[edit | edit source]

Beginning 12 April, all players will be able to participate in Awesome April:

  • 12 April: Skilling Week celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Archaeology plus a range of skilling buffs
  • 19 April: Combat Week with double reaper points, Slayer points, Combat XP, reduced death costs and more
  • 26 April: D&D&Ds[5] Week with distractions, diversions and dailies, reset tokens, vis wax, player-owned port, and player-owned farm
  • End of April: Everyone gets a wish

Newsposts[edit | edit source]

A number of newsposts were made throughout the course of this issue:

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