2018 Hallowe'en event

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This is a safe event.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.
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'Til Death Do Us Part was the 2018 Halloween Event. It involved the Four Riders of the Apocalypse - War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death - rescuing Moia and investigating a mysterious energy rift leading to Daemonheim. It was released on 8 October 2018, lasting four weeks.[1] During the event, Frank replaced Death in Death's Office. A number of drop chances are doubled during the event, including ghost hunter equipment, the ectoplasmator, and the deployable herb burner. Ghostly essence also has a 10% increased drop rate. The cremation ability, which allows players to burn bones on bonfires, also has an increased drop chance.

Event noticeboards advertised the event by offering free teleports to the area.

After the event a crater remains where the chaotic rift used to be. It can be investigated to rewatch the cutscenes from the event.

Pre-release[edit | edit source]

Main article: Tainted shard
Tainted shard detail.png

On 24 September 2018, all players found an uncharged tainted shard added to their inventory, or could receive one from Diango. Fully charging the shard would reveal the message: "Do you... really think... you can save... Moia?", hinting towards the event.

'Til Death Do Us Part[edit | edit source]

When logging in for the first time after the event release, the following messages would appear in the player's chat box:

A mysterious energy rift has materialised outside of Death's Office, and is wreaking havoc. Click here to read more about this year's Halloween event!

A strange rift has appeared north of Draynor Village. Team up with Death to investigate and solve the mystery of the rift.

The following message appeared when logging in during the Death's week: Evil seeps from the rift, north of Draynor Village. Team up with Death to help bring an end to it.

After Death's week until Lucien's arrival the message was: The rift continues to grow in strength. Return to help Death in his mission to stabilise the rift, north of Draynor Village.

After Lucien's arrival the message was one of the following:

  • The rift has reached full strength and a dark presence creeps closer. Head to the rift, north of Draynor Village, to bring an end to this powerful force.
  • Do you really think you can save Moia? The rift, north of Draynor Village, has reached full power. Head there now to attempt to close the rift for good!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Five pillars have been built around the rift to help stabilise the rift's energy. Each of the pillars will randomly be assigned one of the following skills: Prayer, Runecrafting, Divination, Magic, Crafting, Summoning, Smithing, and Invention; it is possible to have a skill in more than one pillar at the same time. By stabilising a pillar, the player will gain experience in its respective skill. Dealing with hindrances such as spawning necromancers will reward Slayer experience (specifically using Death's soul rift as described later in this article). The experience gained from this activity scales with the player's level in the respective skill. Combat experience (Prayer, Magic, Summoning) can be toggled by speaking to Death for the next 4-hour reset, it will not change the current pillar skill assignment. If looking for a specific skill, then change to a different world. When the rift is destabilised, the player will get the message: The rift north of Draynor Village has destabilised again. Its power continues to escalate!

Each pillar has five experience multiplier stages. Stabilising a pillar will not increase its multiplier, but will instead increase the multipliers at the other pillars, encouraging players to move between them for optimal experience gain. Multiplier stages are denoted by glowing energy emitted from the pillars, with higher stages having more intense and larger emanations. Once a pillar has reached the maximum amount of energy, the multiplier will build no further. The player can equip skilling outfits such as the diviner's outfit to increase experience gained at the correct pillar. Experience boosts from other sources including pulse cores also stack with the pillar multipliers. Using a hammer-tron will not give item experience.

One strategy for increasing experience from a stabilisation cycle is for the player to pick three pillars in which to get the most experience. Start with stabilising one of the other two pillars (optionally switching between the other two pillars as the experience multiplier grows on the other pillar) and continue stabilising those two pillars until the multiplier on the three chosen pillars has reached the maximum. Once the maximum multiplier has been achieved, switch to the three chosen pillars. Five ticks of experience will take the multiplier down to a lower stage, so the player should switch pillars every five ticks to maintain the maximum multiplier for each of the three chosen pillars. It is also possible to get strange rocks from pillars.

Stabilising a pillar will progress towards stabilising the rift. Progress can be seen via the energy beam directed from the pillars towards the centre. The beam will grow in intensity the more the pillars are stabilised. A charged tainted shard may be used to help stabilise the rift. The shard's bonus gives the option of doubling the experience gained from a pillar or halving the time it takes to stabilise the rift. Stabilising a pillar with the tainted shard consumes one charge per experience drop. Players who wish to maximize the double experience bonus should take note that a full round consumes 500 charges. Otherwise, if the halving-time bonus is chosen, 250 charges are consumed. Every four hours, the rift resets, and the pillar's respective skills on every world will change.

Once the rift has stabilised, the player may use it to enter the warped chamber once per day. After four hours, the rift will destabilise again, allowing more experience to be gained. However, the rift cannot be entered again until 0:00 UTC the next day (unless you missed a day in the event; this allows for a catch-up mechanic if you cannot log on.)

Death is calling[edit | edit source]

Death chathead.png
Players dismissing the zombies summoned by the souless necromancer.

The event may be started by speaking to Death near the chaotic rift north-east of Draynor Village and east of Death's Hourglass. If the player chooses to help Death, a cut scene will play explaining the event mechanics.

Death will occasionally ask for help in dealing with a soulless necromancer, prompted by the following message:

Death: That necromancer doesn't have a soul. Tear the souls from this rift to make him mortal; then I can take him down for good!

The soulless necromancer will summon soulless unarmoured zombies repeatedly. In groups of four, soulless armoured zombies will surround the pillars, pushing away any players stabilising them (and dealing damage to those players once). To defeat the necromancer, the player must make him mortal by removing souls from Death's soul rift, which will grant Slayer experience for members. Removing the souls damages the unarmoured zombies around the necromancer, and once they're all dead, it damages the necromancer himself. The necromancer keeps summoning more unarmoured zombies until 90 seconds have passed, at which point Death kills them all anyway. The soulless armoured zombies will disappear when the soulless necromancer dies.

War is threatening[edit | edit source]

War chathead.png
A group of infernal demons interfere with the Riders of the Apocalypse.

At the start of the second week of the event, War was summoned by Death. In addition to the soulless necromancer, infernal demons will occasionally emerge and attempt to block the pillars. War will alert the player with the following message:

War: Looks like those demons are blocking the connection between the pillars and the rift. Take my javelin and destroy them!

War's javelins, which can be taken from War's weapon rack, are the only weapons capable of harming the demons. Each successful hit will grant Slayer experience for members. Attempting to attack them without War's weapon gives the message:

Your current attacking method cannot penetrate the skin of the demon. Try using a javelin from War's weapon rack.

Any remaining demons despawn after being present for 90 seconds.

Famine's final stand[edit | edit source]

Famine chathead.png
Pillars pulsating.

At the start of the third week of the event, Famine was summoned. In addition to the previous two events, unwieldy zombies will occasionally emerge. The player will be alerted with the following messages:

The ground beneath you begins to rumble and crack.
Famine: Careful <player>, we have incoming hulking zombies. We can't allow them to reach the rift! Shrink them down!

The zombies may be dealt with by clicking on them, popping them and reducing them in size until they die. If a zombie reaches a pillar, the pillar will start pulsating green energy for some time, rapidly damaging the players near that pillar for a percentage of their current life points. Shrinking the zombies prompts the following message:

You shrink the hulking zombie slightly.

Pestilence descends[edit | edit source]

Pestilence chathead.png
Seeker on the chaotic rift.

In the last week of the event, Death summoned Pestilence. He is located north of Death near his cauldron. In addition to the previous events, a seeker will occasionally appear on top of the chaotic rift with the following message appearing in the chat:

Pestilence: Watch out for that Seeker's gaze! Collect some bile from my cauldron to blind it!

The player must fill a vial of bile from the cauldron and blind the seeker. Throwing the vial shows the message: You throw a vial at the seeker. If the player gets hit by the gaze, heavy damage will be dealt and the following message will show: The seeker's gaze tears through your body.

If not enough damage is dealt to the seeker, it will explode and instantly kill everyone in the area, resulting in a safe death. The following message will appear if this happens: The seeker was not taken down in time and exploded everywhere!

Attempting to blind the seeker without the vial gives the message: You need to get yourself a vial of bile before trying to throw anything at that seeker!

A wiser choice for the free-to-play players would be to run away instead of fighting the seeker. To avoid all of the seeker's attacks and survive a possible explosion, a player may go south-west to the oak trees, within the fenced area, and next to the Potter's house as soon as it spawns. Then, the player can go back to the event location after it is safe.

Lucien's final fight[edit | edit source]

Lucien (2018 Hallowe'en event) chathead.png
The Riders confront Lucien.

On 3 November 2018 at 00:00, the message The efforts to contain the rift in Draynor has failed. A darker presence looms from within. Head to Draynor lodestone to help out. was sent out after the initial timer for the event reached zero. The event information changes to 'Together we have so far kept Draynor intact, but a new dark force emerges from the rift... Lucien! Gather your arms and join forces with the Riders to end this madness before Gielinor is destroyed!' Once every two hours Lucien, a level 50,000 manifestation of Moia's memories, emerges from the rift and fights all nearby players. This also resets the pillars, effectively halving the event's limiting timers, even though the event interface still claims that the stabilisation would only happen once every four hours.

A cutscene shows Lucien appearing and talks to Moia, Death, and the Riders.

Lucien attacks every player with magic attacks. At certain life point thresholds, he will teleport to one of the pillars (called rift connection during the fight) and the players must kill it in order to progress within the fight.

During the battle Lucien can also perform multiple special attacks, including summoning explosive skeletons, undead hands, or unwieldly zombies, and temporarily turning the player into a skeleton.

After defeating Lucien, a cutscene is shown where all Riders of the Apocalypse and the player destroy Lucien. The player is then awarded with an override of Lucien's staff and a corrupted energy.

Moia moves from atop the rift to the north of Death next to Pestilence. Cutscenes can be replayed and rewards obtained if missed.

The music Chasm Desecrated is also unlocked.

Warped chamber[edit | edit source]

Main article: Warped chamber

The warped chamber is a dungeon filled with small, medium, large, and huge urns. The urns may be looted for rewards in a 60 second (30 seconds for free-to-play) time frame after disrupting the black hands. The chamber can only be entered once per day after the rift has been stabilised. If the player misses days, the warped chamber can be entered every 4 hours until the player catches up; reduced to every 2 hours starting 3 November.

Although the warped chamber may only be entered once per day, more experience can be gathered from pillars after the stabilisation resets every four hours. After the player disrupts the black hand four times, they receive a piece of corrupted energy, which contains several items.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Warped chamber[edit | edit source]

Rewards from various urns in chamber unlocked within one minute; chained urn every 4 visits.

After entering the warped chamber and disrupting the black hands four times, the chained urn held by the hands crashes to the ground and breaks, resulting in the message:

As the last hand shatters, the large urn falls revealing[sic] some corrupted energy contained within.

After completing the third warped chamber, the title the Urnbreakable will be unlocked.

The first time the urn falls, a small piece of corrupted energy is received. The urn can be looted up to four times after disrupting each set of four black hands. Each subsequent urn will give a larger piece of corrupted energy, ranging in size from small, medium, large, to huge. Subsequent lootings will reward the player with a normal corrupted energy.

Community effort - pillar stabilisation[edit | edit source]

Some rewards are obtainable only through community effort. The rewards may be claimed from Death after a certain number of rifts have been stabilised by the community. The player will be alerted with the following message when a reward is unlocked and is available to claim: Death has a new reward to offer for those who help in stabilising the rift north of Draynor Village.

Claiming a reward prompts the following message:

For the communities[sic] efforts in stabilising the rift, you receive:
- <Reward>

Lucien fight[edit | edit source]

On November third and fourth, the final two days of the event, players will be able to fight Lucien, whom is the cause of the Rift. Lucien will have a total combat level of 5000, and will randomly teleport to the various pillars which players must target to resume combat with Lucien. The fight is much like the Clawdia fight during the Summer Beach Party event.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 5 November 2018 (Update):
    • Typo fixed in Pestilence's dialogue
    • Pestilence no longer has a tiny chathead when leaving the event with a Vial of Bile.
    • A typo when the player converses with Famine has been resolved.
    • Frank now has a chat head animation when asking for a different reaper task

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Dead player respawned near Death's hourglass
  • As Moia is tormented by the chaotic rift during the event, she is not in Zamorak's hideout, instead Bilrach will take her role to return quest rewards from Dishonour among Thieves.
  • Death will occasionally say I got soul, but I'm not a... during the event, likely in reference to the song All These Things That I've Done by The Killers.
  • When the soulless necromancer spawns, Death may say Better call soul!, referring to the television series Better Call Saul.
  • The name of the event, "'Til Death Do Us Part", is a phrase commonly used in wedding vows to signal intent to stay together until one partner dies.
  • The Warped Chamber's name may be a reference to the film The Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • The animation used when interacting with Death's soul rift resembles the animation for the Soul Split curse. The animation for disrupting the hands is that of Omnipower.
  • When siphoning souls from Death's soul rift to defeat the soulless necromancer, Death would sometimes say Souled to the highest bidder! This is likely to be a pun-intended joke inspired by real life auction events.
  • Death would sometimes say Double kill! when a soulless unarmoured zombie or the soulless necromancer dies. This is a possible reference to the 1999 video game Unreal Tournament.
  • Deaths in the event zone are safe; if a player dies, they will respawn at Death's Hourglass as a ghost similar when you die in Soul Wars. The player will return to human form after a short period of time. After the player respawns, Death will exclaim Death: You do not fall today, fight on! Entering the area also restores the player's life points fully.
  • During Lucien's return, he says "I have become death, the destroyer of worlds.", which is a reference to J. Robert Oppenheimer's translation of a line from the scripture Bhagavad Gita.
  • The Horsemen's dialogue about lending aid during Lucien's return are a reference to the film The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.
  • During the fight against Lucien, he will occasionally yell, "Do you see now, gods of Gielinor? Do you need more proof than this?" This is a reference to the video game God of War II, when the character Kratos yells out this same phrase to the Gods of Olympus after defeating the Colossus of Rhodes, but before ironically being crushed by its hand.
  • Although a "safe" event, it is possible to get an "unsafe" death if the player teleports out at the same moment when taking a fatal hit.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Mod Shauny. "Month Ahead - October." 6 October 2018. RuneScape News.