2016 Hallowe'en event

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This is a safe event.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.

Invention of Disaster is the 2016 Hallowe'en event. It was released on 24 October and is playable for 2 weeks. Players do not have to meet the requirements for Invention to take part in the event. Invention of Disaster explores what the Invention skill is like in the alternative realm of New Varrock, previously visited in Dimension of Disaster. In this realm the player is able to disassemble living things and see what Falador is like with the black knights having won the Invasion of Falador. The event involves Iron Doc Mk IV, who the player helps with a plan, and Dr Fenkenstrain's brain.

The popup for the event.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

In the alternate dimension[edit | edit source]

A map of the event.

Enter the dimensional portal outside the Invention Guild. The event is begun by talking to Dr Fenkenbrain on the table in the guild. He will instruct you to accomplish tasks in 4 rooms which, when completed, will have caused the creation of a construct which you will then test to see if it is fit to defend the dwarves.

Body-part sorting[edit | edit source]

A player sorting body parts.

In the west room you will sort body parts by throwing them into a hopper. The parts are located in 4 hoppers and a spotlight will shine upon the one which has the currently needed parts. You need to sift through 25 correct body parts to reach 100% completion. This gives Cooking experience at the rate of 71.2 experience every 7 ticks at level 99 Cooking, and every instance of experience gain gives 4% progress.

Manufacturing[edit | edit source]

A player pedalling the penny farthing.

The north-west room has you pedalling a silver penny farthing to move a conveyor belt along the process. You must change pedalling speed as required. This gives Firemaking experience at the rate of 44.7 experience every 4 ticks at level 99 Firemaking, and every fifth instance of experience gain gives 5% progress.

Divine entanglement[edit | edit source]

A player sorting divine energy.

The north-east room requires you to control the flow the anima god energy of Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak (labelled as good, bad, lawful, and chaos energy), using Divination. Turn on the valves for all anima energy holders and the divine material will begin automatically. You need to stabilise the flow of anima; the holders can either stop flowing or have too much pressure in them. Interact with the valve to get the pump flowing, and the lever to depressurise the energy holders. This gives Smithing experience at the rate of 41.9 experience every 6 ticks at level 99 Smithing, and every 15 ticks when gaining experience 5% progress is given.

Generator charging[edit | edit source]

A player charging the generator.
The generator charging interface.

The final room, to the east, has a track upon which you must walk to build up an electrical charge to power the construct. If you have any boots worn at the moment, take it off. You will then run a small electrical track; stay on the inner track to quickly charge up the construct. From time to time, various objects will appear on the track, which will reduce the amount of energy you can charge on the tracks for 3 laps; switch to other tracks to avoid them. 12 laps in the inner track (you can move out without penalty) will create the needed charge.

This activity gives Crafting experience at the rate of 41.2 experience every 6 ticks at level 99 Crafting on the middle track. The inside track boosts this by 25% to 51.5 experience and outside track reduces this by 25% to 30.9 experience. Falling over halves the experience gain and this stacks at most 3 times. Progress is rewarded upon completing full laps: 7% for the outside track, 8% for the middle track and 9% for the inside track. A lap takes 32 ticks in the outside track, 28 ticks in the middle track and 24 ticks in the inside track. Falling over once subtracts 2% from the charge gained from the next lap, and each lap increases the charge gained from a lap by 1%, with each time falling over more than once giving a penalty lap where the rate isn't increased. However, at least 5% and at most the base charge is gained from a lap, regardless of the amount of falls.

Testing the god construct[edit | edit source]

A player fighting the god construct.

Once all four procedures are done, you can now test the god construct. Much like Telos, the construct is idle until you get near it. The construct will become enraged with your "reckless tampering" of divine energy and attack you. The construct has 99,999 life points despite having a combat level of 1.

The construct will charge up a shield which protects it from regular attacks, so you cannot kill it with your weapons. Instead, use the zappers around the room to damage the construct (they will periodically charge with lightning to use). There are 12 zappers around the room.

All deaths against the construct are safe - you will respawn outside and can simply try again.


All damage the construct does is scaled to your maximum health. Being hit repeatedly by the same attack sometimes increases the damage of the attack.

The following attack is always used:

  • Shield: At all times, the shield around the god construct deals rapid damage (1-3%) if stood in. Avoid getting close to the construct - stick to the edges of the room.

In addition, the god construct uses two randomly chosen attacks with the transition happening when the god construct reaches 50,000 life points. During the very first kill the first attack is always tornadoes followed by the explosion attack.

  • Tornadoes: The construct summons blue and yellow tornadoes (similar to hard mode Kree'arra) which will appear on top of you and stay there for a while, dealing damage (2-3% of your maximum life points) if you're on top or adjacent to them. The best way to avoid this is to continually run around the arena.
  • Tornadoes and fire: Much like the tornadoes attack above but 3-by-3 areas of fire randomly appear for a while on the floor, and standing in the fire damages you for 2-3% of your maximum life points. At most two patches of fire appear at once. Tornadoes occur less frequently than with the attack above.
  • Explosion - the construct will charge and explode the shield, dealing massive damage (60%+ of your maximum life points) if you are close to it. Staying near the walls is the best way to avoid this. The fires described above also always occur with this attack.
  • Short green bomb waves - the construct will repeatedly summon green bombs from above in a fixed pattern (similar to one of Agoroth's attacks), which leave a shadow before landing. They deal damage (5-10%) if you are stood on them when they land. There are two different patterns that can occur:
    • The room is divided into 8 areas along the walls, and the bombs hit in an alternating fashion. They'll first hit the north-west, north-east, and south-centre areas (at the same time), then the south-east, south-west, and north-centre areas (at the same time), then repeating. Within each area, the bombs hit in waves travelling from either north to south or vice versa. For example, the north areas hit the north, centre, then south of each region.
    • This is best avoided by sticking to the east or west wall, standing near the centre zapper, and walking one step north/south as required to avoid the bombs. Time runs over to the corner zappers, but don't try for any others unless you're sure you won't get hit.
  • Medium green bomb waves - much like the green bombs above, but the room is divided into six instead of eight areas. The bombs travel from the north and south walls directly south or north, respectively, to the middle of the room in two phases.
  • Long green bomb waves - much like the green bomb attacks above, but the bombs form even longer waves. The waves start from the western third of the northern wall, move to the south wall and continue to start from the centre and finally eastern third of the northern wall.

Mechanical spider[edit | edit source]

A map showing the locations of the mechanical spider parts.

The Iron Docs are working on a side project: building a mechanical spider. In order to complete it (and receive it as a pet), you must collect the 8 spider legs scattered around the dimension.

Leg Location
1 At the crossroads south-west of the Invention Guild, on the dead musician's corpse
2 North-east of Falador Gate, on a skeleton next to a catapult
3 North-west of the statue of Zemouregal, on the western burnt tent
4 In the tipped-over cart in front of Taverley gate
5 Just east of the Invention Guild, on a cart by the steps up to the Dwarven Mine
6 East of the Invention Guild, on the dwarven multicannon
7 South of the Invention Guild, on the catapult between the two craters
8 Just west of the Invention Guild, on a barrel

When holding all eight legs, Dr Spider MD can be bought from the reward shop for 500 grey matter. If you have given your legs to the Iron Doc outside the door, that counts for "holding" the legs.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Invention of Disaster reward.png
Iron Doc's Junk interface.png

The rewards cost grey matter which is earned upon completing the activities. Doing each activity for the first time of the day after defeating the god construct gives 50 grey matter per 100% activity progress, for 250 total grey matter. Any further repetitions of the four preparation activities give 15 grey matter per 100% activity progress. Any of the preparation activities may be repeated indefinitely while the god construct can only be fought once per day.

Reward Cost
(Grey matter)
Lightning Rod Hat 100 Cosmetic override with unique emote which overrides the animation for receiving inspiration when equipped
The Mad Professor title 100
Dr Spider MD pet 500 This also requires eight mechanical spider legs, which can be found in the surrounding area
Ectoplasmator 275 Only available if not already owned
Deployable herb burner 275 Only available if not already owned
Small XP lamp 250 Gives experience in a skill of choice equal to a normal small XP lamp

Music unlocked[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 31 October 2016 (Update):
    • The Halloween event's body part activity now shows the spotlight correctly.
    • A typo when pedaling penny farthings has been fixed.
    • Players no longer need to have the mechanical spider legs in their inventory when purchasing the 'Dr Spider MD' pet. All mechanical legs still need to be found in order to purchase the pet.
    • Several typographical errors in the Invention of Disaster event have been corrected.
    • 'Dr Spider' is now capitalised for your viewing pleasure.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Trees around RuneScape were adorned with pumpkins, skeletons, and skulls for the event.
  • If you have completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest you will get some alternate dialogue with Dr Fenkenbrain.
  • The examine text for the head bin in the west room is "All around me are familiar faces.". This is a reference to the song Mad World by Tears for Fears.
  • Good energy, evil energy, lawful energy, and chaotic energy are references to the alignments characters can have in the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Dr Fenkenbrain says: 'These are not the goblins you're looking for.', a reference to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien can be seen drinking tea on the bench in the Falador park.
  • The body of a dead bard with his head crushed by his lute can be found at the crossroads north of Falador, a reference to The Walking Dead series. His examine text reads: "Looks like someone wasn't a fan."
  • The signpost at the crossroads north of Falador reads: "North-west: Trolley and Trollthorpe. North-west to Trolley, Trollthorpe and parts beyond.", "East: Gunnarsgone. Barbarians were here. Wiped out in a family feud." and "South: Falador. South to Falador (under new management)."
  • The signpost at the crossroads east of the Invention Guild reads: "East: New Varrock. East to subjugation and death.", "North: White Knights' Fortress. North to the super secret base of the White Knights."
  • A burning bench in Falador park can be examined. "This is fine." Referencing the internet meme of a dog telling himself that everything is fine when in fact everything around him is in flames.
  • The Falador walls can be examined. "The new home of the Kinshra is closed for refurbishment."
  • To the north of the Invention Guild entrance are gravestones for White Knights. Some reference existing characters and most of their examine texts incorporate plays on words.
    • Here lies Sir Amik Varze. He was buried in one.
    • Here lies Sir Tendeth. Well, that was a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    • Here lies Sir Owen. Died bravely in service to Saradomin. He was a knight to remember.
    • Here lies Sir Renitee. They took his life. They took his land. They took him where he could not stand.
    • Here lies Sir Render. A coward to the end.
    • Here lies Sir Vyvin. He was one of the first to fall.
    • Here lies Sir Loynst Ayke. He was also delicious.
    • Here lies Sir Rebrum. He was delicious.
    • Here lies Sir Rinch. A victim of dark experiments.
    • Here lies Sir Rial. He's not coming back.
    • Here lies Sir Ken Schism. The less said of him, the better.
    • Here lies Sir Vey. He should have paid more attention.
    • Here lies Sir Pent. He was quite the charmer.
    • Here lies Sir Vile. He had served his purpose.
    • Here lies Sir Ruppe. He fell victim to a sticky situation.
    • Here lies Sir Rownd. There were just too many of them.