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Death's Door was the 2014 Hallowe'en event released on 20 October 2014, which ran for a timespan of 2 weeks before it was removed on 3 November 2014. Players hunted spooky ghosts in Death's mansion to get a variety of rewards, including Ghost hunter equipment, a new Firemaking and Prayer ability, along with titles, emotes, and experience.

In addition to the event, a permanent Hallowe'en themed quest, Broken Home was also released on the following week. Completing the quest provided small bonuses in the event; namely increased damage to ghosts and a lower reward cost.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Starting the event[edit | edit source]

Muncher chathead.png
Muncher by the Burthorpe lodestone.

Players could start the event by heading to the Burthorpe lodestone and speaking to Muncher, Death's pet skeleton hellhound. After briefly attempting to understand his barks, you would discover that Death's house has been invaded by ghosts. After asking him to take you there, upon arrival you would see Death.

He explained that Melzar the Mad has attacked his house in order to try and control his domain and resurrect the dead of Crandor. Melzar was attacking the mansion using an army of Crandorian ghosts, which Death wanted you to remove using the proto pack; a powerful ghost-busting weapon developed by a friend of his.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Death chathead.png

Ghosts[edit | edit source]

Banishing a ghost with the proto pack.

The aim of the event was to collect points by dismissing ghosts via the pack, which could then be spent on rewards. Killing stronger ghosts awarded more points than killing weaker ones, although they took longer to dismiss. Trophy points were the secondary currency only awarded once daily from exterminating demonic ghosts.

To find ghosts, one could either search furniture around the mansion, or aid other players and dismiss existing ghosts. Searching moving furniture would generally release stronger ghosts than stationary furniture. Ghosts could be found both on the ground and upper floor of the mansion, although only three ghosts can be active in a room at once. Tough, Terrifying, Vile, and Demonic ghosts heal a small amount of their health every few seconds while they are active, so it was beneficial not to leave them unattended.

There were eight different types of ghosts, which could be viewed in the Ghostpedia (accessible via the HUD).

Ghost name Image Life Points Fear Points awarded Description
Bestial ghost icon.png Bestial ghost Bestial ghost.png 120 N/A 1 Minor threat that can be taken down in a single blast from the proto pack.
Weak ghost icon.png Weak ghost Weak ghost.png 480 1% 4 Minor threat that takes a few seconds to dismiss.
Spooky ghost icon.png Spooky ghost Spooky ghost.png 600 5% 6 Takes some time to dismiss, and causes quite a scare to people nearby.
Wailing ghost icon.png Wailing ghost Wailing ghost.png 1,680 3% 15 These ghosts can target a person and make everyone sharing the same space as them flee.
Tough ghost icon.png Tough ghost Tough ghost.png 2,400 1% 20 Takes quite a long time to take down alone, so bring friends.
Terrifying ghost icon.png Terrifying ghost Terrifying ghost.png 5,520 1%, 5% when causing players to flee 50 These ghosts can occasionally target an area and make everyone within it flee.
Vile ghost icon.png Vile ghost Vile ghost.png 6,720 2%, 15% with special attack 65 These ghosts can occasionally target the ground and add heavily to the fear of anyone who remains there.
Demonic ghost icon.png Demonic ghost Demonic ghost.png 17,040 1%, 5% when causing players to flee, 15% with special attack, up to 35% with main attack. 170 These ghosts not only regenerate very quickly, but they have the same attacks as the Terrifying and Vile ghosts. They also can only be found by gathering 5 pieces of Demonic trace and summoning them.

When dismissed, ghosts could drop demonic traces, active ectoplasm, or an ectoplasmator. Additionally, a trophy point was given to the player upon contribution against a demonic ghost once per day. Demonic ghosts were only summoned by using five demonic traces, which were obtained from dismissing ghosts or looting chests. Active ectoplasm was used to supercharge the proto pack, enabling it to deal more damage towards ghosts.

When dismissing a ghost, there was a chance of obtaining two versions of the ectoplasmator - one being a normal drop, which could be picked up - and another 'ghostly' version, which could only be obtained by casting telekinetic grab. A player could differentiate between the two versions due to a message that displays when attempting to pick up a 'ghostly' version: That's right...it's a GHOST ectoplasmator! Woooooo!

Fear[edit | edit source]

The fear bar.
Fear hitsplat.

While in the presence of ghosts (excluding bestial), and also while fighting them, players would gain fear. Upon reaching 100% fear, you would be scared to death and reappear next to Death, lose 20 reward points, and be reduced to 30% fear. The more powerful ghosts were capable of increasing your fear much faster, some possessing special attacks that increase it significantly.

To reduce fear, players could stand in the moonlight next to windows, reducing fear by 3% to 5% every tick. Ghosts could not be dismissed while standing in moonlight. Moonlight moved around the mansion from window to window. Also, fear was reduced by hugging a teddy, shining night lights, or eating chocolates; items which could all be obtained from chests within the mansion.

Chests[edit | edit source]

Look, it's a chest!

Every 10 minutes, a chest spawned in a random location inside the house. Chests may spawn downstairs showing the message: A chest has appeared downstairs in Death's house! You have two minutes to find it. or upstairs instead showing the message: A chest has appeared upstairs in Death's house! You have two minutes to find it.

The chest only appeared for two minutes, and gave bones, big bones, dragon bones, sugar skulls, toffee appleschocolatesteddies, night lights, demonic trace and active ectoplasm. A very lucky player potentially could end up finding an ectoplasmator (if they do not already own one) or ghostly essence from a chest.

Possible locations downstairs included:

  • the area near the broken range in the central eastern area of the house.
  • the northwest room.
  • the parlour in the south-eastern area of the house.
  • the area near the staircases in the upper central area of the house.

Possible locations upstairs included:

  • the bottom central area of the house.
  • the upper central area of the house.
  • the south-eastern room.
  • the north-eastern room.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Using crowded servers such as world 2 was recommended, as demonic ghosts frequently spawned in a short amount of time, allowing sufficient points to be accumulated. Fear was also gained minimally due to ghosts being banished quickly by a large amount of players. In this instance, it was more efficient for players to ignore fear and be scared to death; losing 20 points, rather than seek moonlight.

Active ectoplasm and demonic trace were both disputed on their value of picking them up. Some declared that picking them up is a waste of time as demonic ghosts that are spawned very quickly are also banished very rapidly in horde, that powering up is rendered almost useless. However, others contradict that active ectoplasm and demonic traces should both be picked up as to retain their original functions by using them unconditionally amongst the community regardless of the amount of people. All in all, it came down to personal decisions on whether one should pick up dropped active ectoplasms and demonic traces.

Rewards from chests were worthwhile for players in need of money, as the bones sold for a significant amount. All seasonal items will not be discontinued and may be banked, so players had the opportunity to store these as mementos.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

2014 Hallowe'en event rewards.png
Reward Cost
Large XP lamp 5,000 points or 3 trophies, up to 5 per day (cannot be purchased by Ironman characters)
Completion of Broken Home reduces the cost to 4,250.
Ghost hunter goggles 5,000 points
Ghost hunter body and Ghost hunter backpack 8,000 points
Ghost hunter legs 6,000 points
Cremation ability (comes with a large XP lamp) 10,000 points
Ghost Hunter title (comes with a large XP lamp) 3 trophies
Proto Pack emote (comes with a large XP lamp) 3 trophies

Additionally, the proto pack cosmetic override was rewarded once 50 ghosts of any type were exterminated by the player. The ectoplasmator (and the ghostly essence used for upgrading it to an attuned ectoplasmator) were also randomly dropped by ghosts for members that did not already own either basic or attuned versions.

Up to 2,000 of the first reward points earned each day were doubled. The "Daily Bonus Points" counter displayed how many reward points have been doubled.

15,000 points was the maximum a player could hold at one time. Upon reaching 15,000 points the following message would be displayed: You have hit 15000 points. You cannot gain any more points but you can still help other people to dismiss ghosts.

Music tracks[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When trying to dismiss ghosts that are already at 0 health the player receives this message: That ghost is already dying. Or dead. Whatever. The point is that you can't dismiss it. A pun towards ghosts being undead creatures.
  • The event's name, Death's Door, is a play on the saying "Knocking on Death's Door", meaning doing something that could likely get you killed.
  • The player's interactions with Muncher contain a number of references:
    • "What's that, Muncher? Death's fallen down a well?" is a reference to Lassie.
    • "What's that, Muncher? Someone opened that trapdoor? And there was something down there?" is a reference to The Trap Door.
    • "What's that, Muncher? Marimbo is climbing a huge tower with Holstein under her arm, while his friends shoot arrows at her from the backs of giant eagles?" is a reference to King Kong.
    • "What's that, Muncher? It's the end of the world as we know it?" is a reference to the song It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by the rock band R.E.M..
  • Protopacks are based on the Proton Packs from the Ghostbusters franchise.
  • In the first 2 to 3 hours of the event, there was no limit to the number of large XP lamps that could be bought per day.
  • Even though ironman characters could not purchase large XP lamps, they still received one when unlocking the other rewards.