2012 Hallowe'en event

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Haunted Houses was the 2012 Hallowe'en event. It is a community-based event, where players must pick a side to hunt ghosts haunting houses in RuneScape. Players could start the event in the Varrock Square or Falador Park by talking to either Brother Righteous for Team Righteous or Brother Heinous for Team Heinous.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Hunting ghosts.[edit | edit source]

Dismissing a ghost.

There are ghosts haunting the houses of RuneScape, which you must find. Players can get hints for the locations of the ghosts by talking to either one of the monks, Brother Righteous (white) or Brother Heinous (red). Up to five ghosts can be found per wave and the locations will reset every two hours. You will receive a notification in the chatbox when the next wave begins. Before every wave, it is required to check in with the monks either in Varrock or Falador and start a hunt.

Once a ghost is found, it can be dismissed, rewarding the player with 10 ectoplasm that can be spent on various rewards in the Hallowe'en Reward Shop. Robes pieces cost 25 ectoplasm each and an ectoplasmator may be purchased after purchasing all of the robes for 50 ectoplasm. An ectoplasmator provides Prayer experience when killing ghosts, in a way similar to a bonecrusher.

All possible locations[edit | edit source]

Free-to-play[edit | edit source]

  • Clan Camp (south of Falador) - Meeting tent, public version
  • Draynor Village
    • Draynor Manor
    • Wise Old Man's house - north of bank
    • Aggie's house - upstairs
    • Potter's house - southwest of lodestone, the northern-most building
    • House east of potter's house - upstairs
    • House just southeast of Potter's house, with the woodburning stove, upstairs
    • Bank

Members Only[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Every ghost dismissed earned the player 10 ectoplasm, thus a maximum of 50 ectoplasm could be gained per hunt. Each piece of the robes costs 25 ectoplasm, while the ectoplasmator costs 50.

All rewards can be stored in the toy box of a player-owned house.

All rewards, with the exception of the cloaks, are members-only. If you are Free-to-play, you only get the choice of the cloak when you select the option *Shop*. The robes can be switched freely between hallowed and unhallowed versions. The ectoplasmator can only be bought while wearing the full set of robes.

Image Name Cost Free to play?
Hallowed hood.png/Unhallowed hood.png Hallowed hood/Unhallowed hood 25 Ectoplasm (2012 Hallowe'en event).png X mark.svg
Hallowed cloak.png/Unhallowed cloak.png Hallowed cloak/Unhallowed cloak 25 Ectoplasm (2012 Hallowe'en event).png Yes check.svg
Hallowed torso.png/Unhallowed torso.png Hallowed torso/Unhallowed torso 25 Ectoplasm (2012 Hallowe'en event).png X mark.svg
Hallowed robe skirt.png/Unhallowed robe skirt.png Hallowed robe skirt/Unhallowed robe skirt 25 Ectoplasm (2012 Hallowe'en event).png X mark.svg
Hallowed gloves.png/Unhallowed gloves.png Hallowed gloves/Unhallowed gloves 25 Ectoplasm (2012 Hallowe'en event).png X mark.svg
Hallowed boots.png/Unhallowed boots.png Hallowed boots/Unhallowed boots 25 Ectoplasm (2012 Hallowe'en event).png X mark.svg
Ectoplasmator.png Ectoplasmator 50 Ectoplasm (2012 Hallowe'en event).png X mark.svg
Total cost (P2P) 200 Ectoplasm (2012 Hallowe'en event).png

A total of 200 ectoplasm points is needed to unlock all of the rewards. This means a member has to complete at least four games. F2P users are only rewarded with a cloak and, ergo, only have to play one game to unlock all available rewards.

The Ectoplasmator is also a very rare drop of a number of monsters, including Aberrant spectres, Banshees, and Ghosts.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Varrock during the event.
Falador during the event.
  • Ghosts are not visible until the player is within 6 squares of them, and do not show as yellow dots in minimap at all times. Players should make sure they get close enough to find them.
  • Watch the in-game message area, as it can mention that you have spotted a ghost in a location if you went near enough to it. If you see this line but have not seen the ghost yet, look around as you are near it. (You only see this message if you are the first player in a hunt to spot the particular ghost.)
  • Remember that spotting a ghost does not dismiss it. Make sure you actually dismiss it!
  • Weight reducing clothing may be of assistance as there is a bit of running around involved.
  • It is possible to have an unhallowed cloak and the hallowed set, or vice versa, This is done so by logging on to a F2P world and switching the cape's colours and switching back to a P2P world and putting the robes on.
  • Players were once able to buy the members-only ghost items in a free-to-play server. The players were then unable to do so after an update, and, while still owning the items, were unable to equip them.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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