2008 Hallowe'en event

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The 2008 Hallowe'en event was released on 28 October, at the same time as the Swept Away quest. It was removed on 11 November 2008.

General information[edit | edit source]

Hallowe'en decoration.

Before players could obtain any treats they had to dress appropriately. If the costume was good enough, the trick-or-treat victims would let the player know. Players had to wear at least two pieces of the costume to qualify as a costume. The cheapest, easiest to obtain costume was the white apron from Gerrant's bait shop (free), and the black wizard hat, obtained from Betty for 3 coins.

  • Maggie, the person north of the cart, event and quest started by talking bought that item with her (cart is north of Melzar's Maze).
  • Wendy, Maggie's apprentice, would give fashion tips, suggest places to get costume pieces, and started the Purple Cat miniquest.
  • Trogs, Maggie's purple cat, would tell you how many pieces of costume you were wearing - if you were wearing the Catspeak amulet.
  • Trick emote is required when you trick-or-treated an NPC and they chose trick. Players who looked in Maggie's Cauldron would learn the Trick emote. If player hadn't received them already, the Scared and Zombie Hand emotes would also be unlocked.

Costumes[edit | edit source]

The following items are a partial list of costumes that worked and did not work during the event.

Worked Did not work
Acrobat costume Broomstick
Animal masks Barrows equipment (All)
White apron Fake beak and Eagle cape
Ava's attractor/accumulator Fancy boots
Full Bandos armour Fighting boots
Bomber jacket costume Canifis robes
Brown apron Robes from the Grand Tree
Builder's costume Rogue armour
Bunny ears Runecrafter robes
Camouflage clothing Scythe
Cape Skull sceptre
Chef's hat Void Knight equipment
Chicken set Vyrewatch clothing
Chocatrice cape Camel mask
Crab helmet Larupia hunter gear
Clown costume Graahk hunter gear
Frog mask Kyatt hunter gear
Ghostly robes Desert camouflage gear
Giant's hand Jungle camouflage gear
Grim reaper hood Wood camouflage gear
Hallowe'en masks Polar camouflage gear
Infinity robes
Lumberjack clothing
Mime clothing
Mining helmet
Moonclan armour
Lunar equipment
Mystic equipment
Naval clothing
Ogre top and Ogre kilt
Pirate clothing
Priest robes
Prince outfit
Ringmaster costume
Santa hat
Silly jester costume
Skeleton set
Splitbark armour
Tribal mask
Full Wizard outfit
Zombie outfit

Trick or treating[edit | edit source]

A penguin in the festive pumpkin disguise, around only for Hallowe'en.

After donning the costume, players could trick-or-treat, which was done by right-clicking on an NPC and clicking "Trick-or-Treat". Killable NPCs, such as men and women could not be trick or treated. There were 27 NPCs in all that gave candy.

List of NPCs[edit | edit source]

Treats[edit | edit source]

NPCs gave out three kinds of treats during this event. They were all non-tradeable. Each treat healed 30 Hitpoints. All of these candy disappeared and crumbled to dust at the end of the event. Popcorn balls seemed to be the most common and it seemed that players could only get wrapped candies and chocolate drops from doing tricks.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A player doing the Trick emote.

Once all the items had been collected, players returned to Maggie for their reward. Players would get a warlock top, warlock legs and a warlock cloak if their character was male, and a witch top, witch skirt, and witch cloak if their character was female. Equipping warlock items on a female character would make them turn into witch items, and vice versa. If players lost their costumes from the event, they could talk to Diango to get them back. Dying straight before the system update let the player keep the candy.

Music unlocked[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the event, Port Sarim, Rimmington, and Draynor Village were set in night.
  • On FunOrb, the first holiday event was Hallowe'en 2008 and it involved 10 seasonal achievements. It was released before the RuneScape Hallowe'en event.
  • If players tried to take from any of the seed or wine stalls and talk to the ones running them after trick-or-treating, they did not seem to remember and replied to the player back without saying, "He/She's the one who stole from me! Guards! Guards!"
  • The Wise Old Man would not give players any candy. He replied "Don't even think about it." when players tried to trick-or-treat him.
  • Players who had not received the Trick emote would say "Boo!" when attempting to trick-or-treat. Not only would the player not receive any candy, but would also be made fun of by the NPC.
  • Players who had a toy box could find a Grim reaper hood after the event was introduced, even if they did not get it during the 2007 Hallowe'en event. This was a glitch and is now fixed. Anyone who obtained the Grim reaper hood from the toybox and not from the event had their Grim reaper hood taken away.
  • When players trick-or-treated pirates such as Jack Seagull, Ahab and Longbow Ben, they would speak proper English instead of using pirate slang.
  • When a player died during this event, the Grim Spectre of Death would appear and ostensibly escort the player to their respawn point.
  • When the Scared emote was unlocked, the game referred to it as the "Terrified" emote.
  • During the event, the pixie house in Draynor Village remained inaccessible; even if the door to the house was open, no one could enter, due to a Jack-o-lantern blocking the doorway.
  • When doing the Trick emote while being hit as the result of combat, the bats will appear and turn around you, but you won't raise up your hands.

Gallery[edit | edit source]