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"Gun" and "guns" redirects here. For the rare item from Treasure Hunter, see Imcando pistol. For the dwarven Ranged weapon, see hand cannon.
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Julian 'the Guns' is a builder hired to build the Tower of Life, but who went on strike as the crew were suspicious of their employers' motives.[1] He repeatedly performs a military press with a log, with the number of lifts he has done appearing above his head on each lift. He counts up to 8,200 - 10,000 before he loses count and then starts over again. He counts at a rate of 100 every 3 minutes, so it takes 5 hours for 'The Guns' to do 10,000 log presses. When he counts high enough, he'll mix up the numbers and then say "Bah! Start again!" He has a liking for beer and kebab from the Dragon Inn in Yanille.[2][3] He also enjoys needlepoint.[3] He has a problem with seasickness.[4] He is the cousin of Jones. He dislikes his name Julian, preferring his nickname of The Guns, much to his cousin's embarrassment.[5][6]

During the quest Tower of Life, he can be approached about obtaining pieces of the builder's costume. He offers his unworn shirt in exchange for a beer.

During the quest Deadliest Catch, he is hired by his cousin Jones to act as a rower during their hunt for the Thalassus. He requires a sea legs potion before he will agree though. After Jones is eaten by the Thalassus, 'The Guns' throws some karambwan to get it to cough his cousin up. He moves to the Fishing Guild afterwards and continues helping hunt the Thalassus.

He can be pickpocketed for 8 Thieving experience, the same as a man, and a triangle sandwich.

The Guns

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