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Not to be confused with Beefy Bill.
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'Beefy' Burns is the cook aboard the Lady Zay. He is located at the bottom deck of the ship, towards the back. He wears a chef's hat and white apron.

He appears to have limited knowledge of non-culinary matters. He believes information to be a type of drink[1] and jinxes to be a type of vegetable. He seems to have a deep hatred for vegetables, calling them "cursed foreign vegetables", "evil domestic vegetables", and "vegetable vegetables". He also distrusts any food that he did not personally prepare[2] and when asked[3] what his speciality dish is, he states that it is boiled shark guts with a hint of rosemary and a dash of squid ink.[4]

When the crew of the Lady Zay went to a feast on Lunar Isle, he remained behind.[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

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