"Together, Alone" - The Tale of 2021 (RuneScape)

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"Together, Alone" - The Tale of 2021 (RuneScape) was a video that was released on 20 December 2021.

Description[edit | edit source]

To every hero in Gielinor, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a New Year full of adventure

The J-Mods of Jagex

Written & Directed by Mod Shed
Music & SFX by Mod Lord & Mod Grace
Cinematography & Lighting by Mod Barne
Edited by Mod Bob
Visual Effects by Mod Scratchr & Mod Zarella
Additional Game Footage by Mod Archie & Mod Spear
Twas Christmas at Jagex
and all through the year
not a creature had stirred
as noone was here
working from home
it sounded quite fun
and several months in
stuff starts to get done
RuneScape turned twenty
an incredible feat
a title that surely
will never be beat
things get dramatic
with Elder God Wars
a year long storyline
opens its doors
meanwhile at home
all J-Mods apart
developing updates
crafted with heart
the studio still empty
no soul had been seen
not a sound did echo
'cept the IT team
a wave of new players,
surged onto the Scene,
our community grew,
as Old School hit Steam
then came some issues
with login lockout
devs worked long hours
to sort it all out
together they strived
for many long nights
fixing the problem
and putting it right
meanwhile at sea
a new threat to defeat,
the skies won't clear
'till Tempoross has been beat
a kingdom divided
revenge at the door
tyranny to conquer
the crown to restore
then finally RuneScape
goes live on mobile
something all questers
been waiting a while
through all this time
those not at home
still working from Jagex
together, alone
J-Mods in houses
and some in their flat
some on their desk
their only colleague a cat
glimmer of normalcy
see old faces again
filming Summer Summit
pure joy for the brain
Deadman returns
an Esports treat
competitive chance
to crank up that heat
Ironmen rejoice
a group they can form
sharing resources
grinding till dawn
Elder God wars
rage evermore
Tzekhaar front looms
rock tunes galore
and so the year
it draws to a close
party hats golden
a huge thanks to those
for enjoying our games
all year long
building communities
keeping them strong
we are the J-Mods
pour passion and heart
into our games
together apart
to make all the updates
videos, streams
translations, artworks
music and memes
and so to you all
we wish you good cheer
support for our games
all through the year
Merry Christmas to all
we hope you have fun
escaping to RuneScape
when all's said and done
in Geilinor where
we all are the same
seeking great glory
fortune and fame
more adventures are coming
the best of the rest
so see you next year
for more epic new quests